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The Witching Hour and Bedtime Tips!

Hello from the East Coast! We’ve spent the last few days in sunny Florida visiting some friends and soaking up the sunshine. Brian and I have bright red sunburned backs to prove it! Ha! I’ll have more photos to share soon, but in the meantime I’ve shared a few over here. We may “accidentally” miss our flight home, because this 80 degree weather is heavenly! 😉

I’m stopping in today to share a few photos that we took last weekend and to talk about bedtime. There was a time that I dreaded bedtime. After the kids were asleep, it was wonderful, but getting the kids to bed tested my patience a bit. I swear, 4:59pm hits and BAM, the witching hour begins. 😉 We start counting down the minutes until Brian gets home…aka reinforcement arrives! Ha! While the witching hour is still in full force, we’ve since improved our evening routine and I look forward to our nighttime shenanigans! (And not just because it means a little peace and quiet at night, ha!) Here are a few of our favorite tips and items to make bedtime smooth sailing:

Give warning. Whether Ellie is playing with dolls or at the park, we always give her warning that we’re going to start getting ready for bed long before we actually start our routine. This gives her the chance to wrap up what’s she doing instead of jumping right into it and thus causing a meltdown! 
Know your routine. We use a very kid friendly nighttime chore chart so that we are all on the same page for bedtime. Ellie knows exactly what she needs to do just by looking at the drawings and loves checking off the boxes before bed. 

Take a Bath. The girls always start to settle down in a warm bath. Now that Addie can sit up, the girls love taking baths and playing together. When we surprise them with a bubble bath, they light up! We love JOHNSON’S® baby BEDTIME® bath and JOHNSON’S® baby BEDTIME® bubble bath and wash. (We’ve used this brand since Ellie was born and to be perfectly honest, it’s our favorite!) Addie will usually end up with bubbles all over her face, which sends Ellie into a fit of giggles.

Baby Massage. When I was little, I remember my baby sister screaming in the car on a road trip and I was the lucky passenger sitting next to her. 😉 My mom suggested giving her a little baby massage on her legs and feet and it totally calmed her down. And my nine year old self was like HALLELUJAH!!! 😉 Addie responds really well to a little baby massage before pajamas, plus its a great time to lather her up with JOHNSON’S® baby BEDTIME® lotion.

Get Cozy. It’s still chilly at night, so we love these Carter footie pajamas from Costco and our Saranoni blankets. After brushing teeth, we curl up in blankets and Ellie and I talk about her favorite parts of the day and say prayers. (And yes, I totally steal their blankets whenever I can, talk about cozy and SOFT!)

Story Time. I think this is Ellie’s favorite time of the night! Pinkalicious is probably her most loved book as of late. We’ve also started reading chapter books, too! Currently we’re reading Ramona the Pest, one of my childhood favorites. Ellie loves it, plus after about 4.5 pages, she’s out! We’ve read Anne of Green Gables and she loved it. Any other chapter book suggestions? Little House on the Prairie and Charlotte’s Web are definitely on our list! 
And then it’s lights out! If Ellie doesn’t fall asleep while reading Ramona, then one of us will hold her hand for a few minutes until she conks out. Addie will have a little milk and then we bounce her for a few minutes and she cuddles right up and falls asleep. And my goodness, I love those cuddles. I will usually hold her for a little bit before I put her in her crib because I can’t resist a cuddly, sleeping baby! 😉 
A few of our other bedtime favorites: This cozy floral comforter from Target, pirate ship bath toy, Ellie’s favorite Lambie (she LOVES her Lambie!), a night light, JOHNSON’S®  Baby Sleep App, and a bowl of ice cream for me and Brian (you know, reward for getting the kids in bed!)
What does bedtime look like in your house? I’d love to hear your secrets! 😉 XO
This post was in collaboartion with #JOHNSONS a company we have loved and trusted in our family for years. It is part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™. #TonightWeSleep
Alexa Zurcher




  • Amy

    I love that you have both beds in Ellie's room! They look darling – the beds and the kids 😉
    Also, another favorite book: The Trumpet of the Swan. Love that one! The girls are getting so big – must mean another trip to Grams!! xoxoxoxoo Love you all so much!

  • April @ Hansen Love

    Cutest girls ever! We love story time right before bed too! My mom always read us Junie B Jones books at night. They were my favorite.

  • Brooke @ Silver Lining

    Yay, same J&J collaboration as you! I'm really loving this one so far.

  • Unknown

    I love story time!! I read every night before bed and haha I don't tend to get very far before knocking out myself 😉

  • Haley

    These pictures are the cutest! We are the worst with bedtime routines, but it always includes reading and hopefully falling asleep quickly after that 🙂

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