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DIY Dress Up Corner

I found this post in my drafts recently – can’t believe I never published it! Ellie loves her dress up corner and has since added several necklaces and hats to her collection. She may love bugs and mud and cars, but she’s all girl when it comes to clothes and shoes and dolls! 



Ellie is just starting to get into the dressing up stage. We don’t have too many girl dress ups…yet, but she certainly loves to try on all her shoes, wear her backpack and camera, and adores trying on necklaces. These things were piling up on her dresser, so I decided to make her a little dress up corner in her room.


On one of our frequent trips to Ikea, I found this darling, white cabinet in the clearance section. It had a slight chip on the corner, so they were selling it for $5. $5 to save me a trip to Lowes, cutting the board, and an afternoon of painting? I’ll take it! I found some clear, glass knobs at Hobby Lobby for 50% off (note! the knobs and hooks go on sale every other week!)


Brian fixed my marks on the board (I was just going to wing it, he was going for perfection 😉 and drilled four holes into the board. Then we screwed each of the four knobs into the board.


The screws on the knobs were a little too long, or my board was too thin. Either way, we had to fix the problem! Brian had a lovely little hand saw and it took awhile, but we trimmed down the screws! After, Brian added a thin piece of board to the back (since the screws still stuck out a little with the washers) and added hooks to hang them.


Voila! Project done. Now Ellie has the perfect place to hang her treasures and try on all her pairs of shoes. After taking these pictures, I added a full length mirror to the corner (you know, those really cheap ones from Target!) I frequently find her playing in her tiny corner, taking pictures of herself in the mirror, wearing mismatched shoes. 😉


Board: Ikea
Knobs: Hobby Lobby
Backpack: Target
Camera: DIY
Necklace: Miss Lex Beads
Canvas Paintings: DIY

Alexa Zurcher




  • The Girl who Loved to Write

    This is such an adorable idea!!

  • Lizzie Ann

    Such a cute idea for all her things.

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