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Give me the streets of Manhattan!

After spilling her snack, my child ate her fruit loops off the ground in Central Park. And not just one or two, handful after handful! I about died!! (And stopped her of course) I think Ellie loved New York City as much as her parents. While we loved the architecture and food (pizza! bagels! hot dogs!) she was all about the splash pads, choo-choo (subway), and the bus. Plus she had her buddy/cousin Logan there for even more entertainment. A week later and she’s still talking about all of it.

Brian’s parents are about four hours away from the city, so we did a quick Monday morning through Tuesday evening trip to the city. I fell in love with NYC four years ago and was thrilled to be back exploring! Ellie was an angel strapped in her stroller and Logan was a trooper walking so many miles! Here’s a few of the photos from our NYC adventure. I couldn’t get enough…of all of it! When can we go back? 🙂


^^ Maybe it’s because I’m an architect’s daughter, but I’ve been wanting to see the Flat Iron Building for FOREVER. It is gorgeous. ^^


^^ Ready to get on the “train that goes underground!” as Logan called it. It was so cute watching him take it all in. ^^


^^ Subway buddies. They could pass as brother and sister, easy! ^^


^^ 9/11 Memorial and some selfie taking photobombers in the background ^^


^^ The new Freedom Tower ^^


^^ It cost a pretty penny, but man that ice cream tasted so good on a hot, humid day! ^^


^^ Playing in the splash pad, with a view of the Statue of Liberty! ^^


^^ Oh hey, Empire State Building! ^^


^^ Pretty, pretty Manhattan Temple. And a good, clean place for a bathroom break too 😉 ^^


^^ This little guy was my “buddy” for the trip. We made sure we were partnered up and holding hands so we didn’t get lost. I think it was really so he could eat some of my give-you-magical-walking-power kettle corn 😉 ^^


^^ These two traveling cousins. And the fruit loops before they were scattered all over Central Park ^^


^^ While walking around, I would hold up my camera without looking through the viewfinder, and snap away. Loved this pretty shot of the Chrysler Building. ^^


^^ These two itty-bitty buildings sandwiched between the huge ones were just too cute! ^^


^^ New York City bagels. MMM! ^^


^^ When Brian’s mom suggested going to the American Girl store, I about died. I’ve been dreaming of going to that store since I was 8! On a side note, my first published piece of art was in the American Girl magazine when I was 11. Ha! ^^


^^ The taxis, the noise, the smells. I couldn’t get enough. I’m convinced I could up and move to NYC on any given day. ^^


^^ We surprised Logan with a ride on the Toys ‘R Us ferris wheel. I didn’t think Ellie would like it, but I was wrong. She loved it!”


^^ I could spend days and days wandering Central Park ^^


^^ A New York hotdog was at the top of our list. Mmm ^^


^^ Central Park family photo ^^


^^ Sweaty baby on the subway. And treats from grandma! ^^


^^ Ah, New York. I’m more in love than ever. Until next time! ^^


^^ And a quick video of the streets of New York. XO ^^

Alexa Zurcher




  • Corina

    Mmmm isn't New York City such a dream?! I love it there too.

  • Chelsea | The Retail Details

    SO JEALOUS! And i'm jealous that you were published in the American Girl magazine. I would have died.

  • Ashley Wright

    My dream! Seriously, my husband went there without me last year (for work) and I died a little inside! I can't wait until I can go! Looks stunning! and of course, Ellie is the cutest.

  • Claire

    I could for sure move there in a heartbeat! And…just be glad Ellie didn't eat her fruit loops off the subway, right?

  • ellen

    Your photos are awesome. And I love the ones of the Temple (I always go to the church to use the bathroom!). You should post your art that was in the American Girl magazine!!

  • kensiesmith

    I would say that music is very apropos (:

  • Kami Leishman

    I LOVE all of these pictures! Looks like you guys had such a fun trip!

  • P

    I just saw this post! Dang i love it so much! I would love to go to New york!

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