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A Midsummer Mingle

My thirteen year old self would have DIED if I had known that nine years later I would show up to a party by myself, talk to people I’ve never met, and actually enjoy it! (I was so painfully shy!) When I saw Brittany’s post on instagram about a summer solstice party, I was all onboard. A party hosted by all of my favorite creatives? Count me in! Everyone was wearing their summer whites in the garden/backyard of my dreams. The party didn’t disappoint, I only wish my pictures could do justice! It was whimsical, beautiful, and every detail was so perfectly thought out. Complete with floral crowns, a beautiful garden, swag bags, delectable food, and the loveliest of people.

backyard lightingHouse Lars BuiltBalloons in Pool

Gorgeous Cards from The House Lars Built.

Gorgeous hand letteringsycamore street press

Love Sycamore Street Press. Definitely check out their new line.

beautiful cakes

Gorgeous cakes made by Baked By Me.

gorgeous cakesflower crownsfloral centerpiecetrailer with lightpaper flower

The sweetest pop-up café and delicious drinks by Ramblin Rose Café.

hello maypole felt balls

Those Hello Maypole felt balls get me every time.

paper flowers

Finally got to meet Carla, after years of stalking her online 😉 She’s a gem and the sweetest person you’ll ever meet!

mer magworld map on painters tarp

Mer Mag’s tiny traveling Tilda.

fabric bannermelanie burkegorgeous florals

Melaine Burke’s gorgeous writing.

explore cricut

Sponsored by Explore Cricut.

garden lighting

Finally met the talented Kensie Kate and her mama.

garden lighting

And the talented Candace and her sister Elyse.

house lightsalexa zurcher

Seriously, the most perfect summer evening and the party to top all other parties. I still wear my floral crown everyday 😉

Alexa Zurcher




  • Amanda

    It's so feminine! I like these ideas and simple touches and can see them at a bridal shower or a birthday party! I get you on the shyness too, introverted at first and then it ending up to not be a big deal!

  • Caravan Sonnet

    SO cute!!! Love this!! I totally applaud you for getting over the shyness and going! I always say that I am not that shy until something like this comes along and then I get so nervous and am always so glad that I did afterwards! So I totally applaud you for it!! It looks like a gorgeous evening!
    🙂 Rebecca
    p.s.- Love your dress!!

  • Alicia Snow

    We had a midsummer night's dream themed blogger meet-up too here in Arizona a few months back!

  • Courtney Bleyle

    It looks like a ton of fun! And I absolutely love your dress!

  • Chelsey

    Gorgeous! I love your dress!! Where did you find it?

  • Adrian

    How fun! I found your blog through a pin and decided to look at some of your current posts. I was at the mingle as well and just posted some images on my blog. Haha! Such a small world!

  • Eva / Sycamore Street Press

    Thank you so much for coming and for this beautiful coverage!

  • carla thorup

    hey! it was nice meeting you too, sassy pants! i would have never guessed you were shy. can't wait til the next time we bump into each other and have more time to mingle mingle.

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