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School’s out for summer

I’ve never been much of an early bird, so my 8am class this semester nearly killed me. And Ellie. That girl does enjoy sleeping in (and I don’t mind one bit!) After a semester of early morning classes, evening classes, and online classes, summer break has arrived! WAHOOOOO! I had lots of help this semester from Brian, family, friends, and our crazy awesome neighbors and their four kids who watched Ellie most mornings and smothered her with so much love.

Since I haven’t had to worry about school, I’ve found myself taking advantage of my “summer vacation.” Meaning, sweats have been my outfit of choice and I’ve stayed up way past my bedtime, because I can! And then Ellie runs into our room in the morning and I totally regret staying up so late to paint. Oh well.

We’ve been planning a few summer trips, including a few events up in Nordic Valley. (My dad has been up here working on the ski resort so we get to see him more than usual. Ellie LOVES having Grandpa stop by!) Our fence is up in our backyard and I’m dying to pull out the kiddie pool, if only the weather would cooperate!  Soon, soon.

Speaking of vacations, Ellie and I took a super quick trip to St. George to see Gram who was visiting from Hawaii! Ellie has the coolest (and most tan!) great grandma 🙂  We took at quick, 30 second, four generation photo. We all look scarily alike! You can also tell which two live in the sunshine and the other two who could stand to work on their tan 😉


And thank you Erin for capturing my favorite photos below.


Alexa Zurcher




  • P

    Yay summer! These photos are so cute 🙂 Just two more weeks for me and ill be FREE AT LAST as well! Can't believe you did that whole semester with a child as well, you rockstar! 😉

  • Amy

    Love that weekend, and those fun photos. We absolutely love it when you gals (& guy) come down! What easy going fun we have. Can't wait to see you again this weekend….Mother's Day lovin' and a phone call / skype from our most favorite missionary ever!!! Love ya!

  • Corina

    I love Ellie's cute sun hat!

  • Alicia Snow

    These photos are so cute! You can borrow some of our sunshine from Arizona! It has already hit the triple digits!

  • April @ Hansen Love

    Oh so cute. I love the last few pictures! So cute! I don't know how you manager school with your cute little one, I can barley do it with no kiddos!!

  • Jessica

    Oh that last picture melts my heart! So sweet! Happy Summer Vacation! Enjoy every moment 🙂 I'm counting down the days too!!

  • Kelsey Eaton

    So super cute. Embrace that ivory skin, it's gorgeous! Remind me what you're studying? I think you said you're at UVU?

  • Unknown

    oh my heck! that last photo is so sweet! Such a tear jerker! 🙂 So happy for your happiness!

    Also, you've got one sexy grandma! Love the tan, and all the smiles!

  • Caravan Sonnet

    Those photos are ADORABLE!! And congrats on finishing the semester!! 🙂 Yea!
    🙂 Rebecca

  • larajanepark

    Love you all! xoxox aunt lara

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