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our trip to st. george started out normal. feet on the dashboard and the radio blasting, while we were singing along. did i mention brian sings? and plays the guitar? our kids had better get his talented genes!

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not to far into the trip, we  found ourselves in front of a mechanic shop, after the engine kept quitting on us while we were driving on the freeway. the day was turning out to be quite adventurous. after a few hours of crashing in the only hotel’s lobby, eating granola bars, and watching psych, we learned the car would have to be in the shop overnight.



so we got ourselves two hotel rooms, and decided to check out the small, leetle town of scipio. when i say small, i mean teeny weeny, itsy bitsy. yeah, it’s small.

 IMG_2364 copyIMG_2396 copy




we found a random petting zoo right outside the gas station. we fed all the animals, including a zebra! yes, a real live zebra. he tickled my hand.  the baby lambs were pretty cute too. brian kept referring to them as lamb chops. boys.


IMG_2445 copy

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we both downed a footlong at subway, one of the two restaurants in the town, then hit up the hot tub.  our rooms are right next to each other, so we knocked secret messages on the wall this morning. ok, maybe not messages. maybe just obnoxious knocking. 

IMG_2569 copyIMG_2608 copy

while we wait for the car this morn, we’re going to check out the one and only antique shop. ok, i’m going to check out the shop and i’m making b tag along. hopefully we’ll be on the road soon so we can go party it up in st george! sorry for missing your birthday yesterday mom, we’ll be sure to bring you present from scipio!

Alexa Zurcher



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