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3 Easy Halloween Activities for Kids

Hey mama! Here’s a few simple ideas to add a little extra MAGIC to your holiday season. No time (or the energy) for them all? Don’t stress, simple is always better.


Have you ever been BOOed? It’s my kid’s favorite Halloween activity! You can print out this FREE You’ve Been Booed sign! Then grab some treats, tip toe to your neighbor’s house, ring the doorbell and run! All our neighbors have Ring doorbells so they can totally tell who we are, but my kids don’t care. They giggle and run away anyway!


Put a Halloween spin on classic games – like hide-and-GHOST seek! Or play a Halloween version of duck-duck-goose – ghost-ghost-spider! For a game with treats – print out this tic-tac-toe board or Don’t Eat Pete game.


These big coloring posters are always a HUGE hit at our house! (Pun intended!) They’re so big that we can all color at the same time – we just all pick a corner! We usually use crayons, colored pencils or markers with these posters. (Watercolor paint doesn’t do too great with this thin paper.)

For tips on how to print giant engineer prints (for cheap!), check out these tips!

Happy Halloween! xo Alexa

Alexa Zurcher



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