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How to Print Engineer Prints

We LOVE engineer prints around here! We use them for bucket lists, HUGE coloring pages, general conference posters, teacher appreciation posters, and then reuse them for wrapping paper! I often get asked questions about what engineer prints are and how to print them. Here’s all my tips!

What are engineer prints? They’re the huge, thin paper that architects use to print house plans and blueprints on! My dad is an architect, so we had plenty of these around our home growing up. Our favorite was coloring on them when he was all finished with them!

How do I print engineer prints? I often get asked HOW to print these huge posters – and HOW to print them for cheap! The first time I printed one of these posters, I was surprised at how EASY it is! Here’s a few tips:

1. Download engineer prints to your computer. You can find all kinds of coloring pages, huge quotes, thank you posters and bucket lists here.

2. Email files to your local print shop. We love using local copy shops, alphagraphics, office depot or fedex.

3. Be sure to specify that you would like it printed as an engineer print (or it’s sometimes called a blueprint.) You can choose 3 different sizes: 18×24, 24×36, or 36×48. I typically print 24×36 pages!

*These should only cost you a few dollars to print! I think It’s $5-$7 to print the biggest size at my local copy shop and only a few dollars for the smaller sizes.

4. Get coloring! We use crayons, markers or colored pencils to color our posters. We have tried watercolors before, but the engineer paper is thinner, so it wrinkles the paper fast.

If you want to hang your engineer print up after, we love using this magnetic frame! It’s so easy to hang up your poster and take it down when you’re ready to hang up another one!

Ready to color!? Snag these printables for 25% off today!

P.S. I find myself coloring these posters even after my kids have left the table 🙂 They’re just too fun (and relaxing!)

Alexa Zurcher



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