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DIY Huge Taper Candle Centerpiece

Take your party to the next level with this adorable, and easy, DIY Taper Candle Centerpiece!diy taper candle centerpieceIMG_8729

You guys ready for the easiest and CUTEST diy ever!? This taper candle centerpiece is the PERFECT party focal point and it’s so simple and affordable to make! I made the entire thing in one evening! Here’s everything you need to know:


Supplies Needed

4x6x8 board I found my Douglas Fir board at Lowe’s! Then we cut it in half so I have 2 boards that are 4 feet long


13/16 spade drill bit 

Fine Sandpaper – I used an electric sander to make it easier!

Taper Candles – you’ll want these in varying heights and colors!

Optional: wood stain


For DIY’s I always want to know what the total cost is! I spent $18 on wood, $5 for a drill bit and had all the other supplies on hand. The most expensive part was the candles. I needed 30 candles for one centerpiece and I believe the final cost was about $45 for 36 candles. Since then I’ve purchased more candles so I have every color on hand haha 😉 The best part is, you can reuse everything again and again!


Where to Buy Candles

You can find taper candles anywhere (Target, Walmart, the Dollar Tree!) but my favorite place to find candles in different sizes and colors are from Yummi Candles! I searched high and low for the best price candles (and the cutest colors) and these were the best!

I ordered a ton of different colors, so when there’s a party or holiday, all I have to do is grab some out of our candle box! Be sure to store your candles inside (not in the garage!) and somewhere cool so they don’t melt!

diy taper candle centerpiece

DIY Candle Centerpiece Instructions

How to make your adorable candle centerpiece!


Step 1:
If your wood board is long (mine was 8 feet long!) cut to desired size. Brian cut mine in half, so I have two 4′ boards.


Step 2:
Sand board with fine sandpaper. I used an electric sander to save time! Make sure all your edges are sanded down smooth!


Step 3:
Measure and mark where you want the holes to go. You’ll want them to go in a staggered “zig zag” pattern and be evenly spaced out! I did 3 rows of candles (I could have made them even closer too!)

diy taper candle centerpiece

Step 4:
Using a small drill bit, make a guide hole on each of your marks. This will help when you start drilling the candle holes!

IMG_1428diy taper candle centerpiece

Step 5:
Using the spade bit, slowly start drilling the holes. Go slow so you don’t split the wood! They don’t need to be too deep either. Sand over the holes you just drilled and anywhere you might have missed earlier!

*Optional* If you don’t want the raw wood look, you can stain the wood any color you want! I left mine the natural.

diy taper candle centerpiecediy taper candle centerpiece

VOILA! Add candles and you’re done!

We’ve used the centerpiece for EVERY birthday party this summer! It’s so easy to add different candles and colors!

diy taper candle centerpiecediy taper candle centerpieceIMG_6180

*Party Tips*

I do not light the candles for the entire party! Usually I’ll light them only once – like when we sing happy birthday or when all the guests are arriving. I don’t let it burn the entire party! Post party, use a credit card to scrape off any wax that dripped.

diy taper candle centerpiece

*Fire Safety*
I feel like this goes without saying, but please be careful with fire! Do not light candles without adult supervision. Do not leave candles unattended. Do not jump over the candlesticks. Be smart. Be safe.  🙂

diy taper candle centerpiecediy taper candle centerpiecediy taper candle centerpiecediy taper candle centerpiece

Ready to make your own!? Tag me on instagram @alexazurcher so I can see it! xo

Alexa Zurcher



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