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Easy Rainbow Photo Collage

DIY Rainbow photo collage

These easy rainbow photo collages are SO perfect for any room! I made two for our daughter’s shared bedroom and I love that some of my favorite photos of them are on display in such a beautiful, colorful way. 

DIY Rainbow photo collage

We recently rearranged / redecorated Ellie and Addie’s room. Their bunk beds and bedding are white, so the room desperately needed a little pop of color. These rainbow photo collages are PERFECT for the room! They add just the right amount of color without being overwhelming. Plus, they’re SO easy to make! (No gluing or cutting required!)

DIY Rainbow photo collage

How to Make a Rainbow Photo Collage

1: Choose a Frame

You’ll want to choose your frame size first so you know what size of collage to make / how many photos will fit. This is a Ribba Ikea frame and the photo size inside the mat is 16×20.

IDY Rainbow photo collage  diy Rainbow photo collage

2: Collect Photos

Time to collect all your colorful photos! I knew I wanted to use pink, red, yellow, green and blue in the collage, so as I scrolled through photos, I downloaded any photo that had a lot of one of those colors. This part was a little time consuming! 🙂

To make it easy, I used Google Photos! I love using Google Photos to store photos from my phone and camera. It uses face recognition too, so to find photos of my girls, all I had to do was type their name in the search bar.

diy Rainbow photo collage

3. Fill your Collage

I made my collage using a Photoshop template I created, but I recently found a super easy (and free!) way to make one! You can create a free collage on Adobe Spark! They have several different templates you can choose from and it’s super easy to upload and arrange your photos.

diy Rainbow photo collage  diy Rainbow photo collage

4. Print and Hang!

I printed my 16×20 photos from Costco. (Pro tip: make sure the “auto-correct” button is switched off) The colors turned out vibrant and picture quality was great! I love the pop of color it adds to the room!

DIY Rainbow Photo Collage


DIY Rainbow photo collage

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