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How We Organize our Girls Bows!


With three little girls, we have A LOT of bows. I mean, I wouldn’t say I have an obsession with bows….it’s probably more like an addiction now. 😉 The question is – how in the world do you store bows? I tried different options – a basket in their bedrooms, clipping them onto a ribbon to hang, but none of options I tried worked for us. Until we switched our “hair station” to the kitchen!


We cleared out a drawer by the desk area in our kitchen for a hair spot! We keep all our bows, elastics, comb, hair brush and spray bottle in the drawer as well. Once a week, I’ll curl or wave their hair, but I keep all the hot tools in my bathroom away from little hands.


What’s in our hair drawer:

  • Hair Brush – we use both a Bathpack brush and a WetBrush. They’re soft on the girls hair and help detangle their bedhead!
  • Infinity Spray Bottle – I will never go back to a regular spray bottle! These are amazing and PERFECT for getting hair wet with a nice mist!
  • Comb – We used to have about a dozen, but now we’re down to two. I prefer the ones with super small, close together teeth.
  • Elastics – I love these small clear elastics from Target! They’re stretchy but don’t break easily.
  • Bows – obviously! I love finding handmade bows from shops on Etsy and love these huge,6 inch ribbon bows from Amazon!
  • Hair Clips – my girls have been loving these fun hair clips. They’re from Amazon and they’re a super great deal!
  • Nourishing Gloss – This is my FAVORITE gloss for crazy hair, frizzy hair, bedhead, you name it. It works wonders! Plus it smells good and adds a nice shine.
  • Small Basket Organizers – These baskets are from the Dollar Tree! They come in a pack of 2 and are very thin, but do the job. Target has some nicer baskets that are similar and a lot thicker!

Favorite Hair Tools:
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Bows & Accessories:
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(You can find some of our favorite toddler hair styles here and a post on my all time favorite hair dryer here)



Having a hair spot in the kitchen is so, SO convenient for busy, school mornings! The girls will sit in the “hair chair” and eat their breakfast while I do their hair. It’s also great for Lucy who will watch Daniel Tiger to help her sit still! Plus, no more collecting bows and constantly bringing them back to their room or bathroom. They usually end up in the main area of the house anyway – so it’s easy to clean them up quick!


Alexa Zurcher




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