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We went to Disneyland!

Jumping on my blog tonight – it’s been forever.  I have so many posts saved in my drafts that just have never been posted. Like all these photos from our Disneyland trip back in…errr…JANUARY. I couldn’t let them sit in my drafts though, because this trip was too much fun. We surprised our girls for Christmas with this trip that we planned with our next door neighbors. We adore our neighbors – they have girls the EXACT same ages as ours. In fact, Lucy and Havyn were born just a week apart. Tender mercy to move right next door to them. 🙂 
Anyway! This trip was a blast. The girls had so much fun, we had only a few meltdowns (and fights over which seat they wanted in the stroller, ha!) We also started playing a “bingo” game with all the comments that we got having six girls with us! “Are they all yours?” “Wow! That’s a lot of girls!” “Are you going to try for a boy?” were some of the top comments we got. It was cute and fun. 
And now! Without further adieu, PHOTOS! Also, look how big Lucy is since the last time I posted! And she’s even bigger now, gah! 
Oh, and in case you’re curious….
My sweatshirt is from the Walmart pajama section! 
The girls Minnie Mouse tutu outfits are from Target.
Addie’s Minnie Mouse shirt is from Old Navy
All our matching tennis shoes are from the Walmart girls section (they run big, so I fit into them too!) 
And the Disney inspired cards are available in my shop! 

Alexa Zurcher




  • ellen

    I was there on January 3rd — I wish we had been there the same day!!

  • Ashley Ziegler

    Oh my goodness, how fun!! 🙂

  • Caley-Jade Rosenberg

    Wow!! Such gorgeous and magical photos x

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