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Baby Products Pros and Cons – Part 1

Lucy Lou is almost four months old (I know!) and we’re still in baby bliss over here. (Slightly sleep deprived, and I still haven’t quite figured out how to keep the house clean with three, but bliss none the less!) We’ve tried out a few different baby products this time around – I’m amazed at how many new items have come out since Ellie, and even Addie, were born! I’m also always amazed at how all these baby items seem to take over my house! πŸ™‚ There’s something for baby in every corner, and I love it. I’m always skeptical of new products and spend a million hours reading reviews – and yet I still don’t do as much research as Brian does! Haha. Over the last few months, we’ve been using the Ollie Swaddle, Binxy Baby Hammock and a Dock A Tot and I’ve listed all the pros and cons below! 
This is the ONLY way I can go to the store with all three in tow πŸ™‚ This hammock clips onto the sides super easy and can hold the car seat or just the baby! It’s genius and allows for a lot more room in my cart for kiddos and everything on my list! (Plus some extra if I’m shopping at Target πŸ™‚
Pros: holds baby or carseat, clips to the cart and has straps for extra protection, buckles the baby/car seat in, comes in cute patterns, washable, easy to keep in the car. 
Cons: while it fits most carts, it doesn’t fit the small carts at Hobby Lobby! 
If Lucy was having a hard time settling down, this swaddle would do the trick! It helped soothe her right to sleep. Lucy, like my other girls, doesn’t always like to be swaddled (she loves to sleep with her hands behind her head! πŸ™‚ but on especially fussy days this was my go to. Also, the velcro made it so easy! 
Pros: velcro keeps the swaddle snug, CUTEST packaging ever (I saved the box!), one size fits all, don’t have to unswaddle to change diaper – just open the bottom. 
Cons: took me a minute to figure out how to wrap it (user problem πŸ™‚ 

I’ve been eyeing this guy for a year or two now and I went in a little skeptical. Brian calls these things “glorified dog beds” πŸ™‚ I’m happy to say it’s as wonderful as everyone says it is! It’s perfect for co-sleeping. Fun fact: back before I was a parent, I swore I’d never let our kids come into our bed. Face palm πŸ™‚ I love having Lucy close to me at night, for nursing and for my worrisome mind, so this is great in our bed. And it travels around our house easily, too! It’s not so great for reflux, so I do have a little rocker next to our bed that sits her up a little more, too. 
Pros: Easy to wash, travels well, perfect for co sleeping, transports through the house, breathable sides, BONUS: big sister likes to use it too πŸ™‚ 
Cons: takes up a little more room on the bed than I anticipated, not great for reflux 

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