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Alexa Z Design Christmas Cards!

In 2012, right after Ellie was born, I opened up my online Etsy shop. My mom had been encouraging me to open one up for years, and finally it was the perfect time. I had a sleepy newborn baby, I was in a new neighborhood and didn’t know very many people, and I needed a creative outlet. 
I started selling Christmas cards that very first year and much to my surprise, I sold more than I ever anticipated! I have taken a break selling Christmas cards for the last year or so, but now I’m back! AND, I’ve made it easier than ever! No more waiting for me to email your files to you – and you can make as many different designs as you want! 

I just added all these Christmas card designs to the Rhonna Designs App. They’re an add on sticker pack (look for my name and you’ll find them!) and get this, they’re only .99 cents! 🙂 I’ve included a ton of premade cards – all you have to do is pick your picture and add the overlay and voila! Done! I’ve also included all the elements separate as well, so you can mix them together however you choose.

The best way to make your card is to download the Rhonna Designs app first. (Available on apple and android!) Pick your photo on your phone.

When it asks you what size you want, choose 5×7. (You can choose a different size if you want, but 5×7 will work best.) 

 You may need to resize the photo on the page, typically you’ll need to make it just a tad bit smaller.

Then, go into the elements section, find my name at the top (swipe over through the designers section), and download the sticker pack. 

You can then add the overlays and add custom text. Ready to go? Download to your phone or email to yourself! You can print it out anywhere! 

 Don’t have a picture to use? Try out our custom family portrait illustrations! (Again, only .99 cents!) These would also make super cute Christmas gifts! 🙂 


Alexa Zurcher




  • Amy

    I cannot get over how cute (and easy!) this is! You are amazing Lex! xoxoxoxo

  • Caley-Jade Rosenberg

    YAY!!! Love this idea – and love your gorgeous family x

  • Cindy Sharkey

    Great idea, easy to do for anyone! I can't wait to try it out.

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