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Lucy Jane Birth Story

Lucy Jane • August 13 • 10:19am • 6 lbs 14 oz • 20 inches long

Oh sweet Lucy Jane! I will never forget the day she arrived. My pregnancy with Lou was much more difficult than the other two. I was more sick and more tired, yet I realize it could be much worse. Even still, it was a long nine months and I couldn’t wait to hold Miss Lucy in my arms. 

Lucy, like Addie, was measuring a little small at 38 weeks. My doctor scheduled an induction for 39 weeks – and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I was induced with both my other two girls and I’ve had great experiences every time.  So, Saturday late afternoon, we dropped off E and A at my parents house and headed out for a quick date at Texas Roadhouse. After eating, we went to Target, I can’t remember why, haha, and headed home for some last minute nesting! You know, hang some frames, finish some wallpapering, the typical things to do at 10pm before having a baby. Ha! 

I got zero sleep that night. Zero! It was like Christmas morning and I was way too excited. We arrived at the hospital at 5am, and to my surprise, we were greeted by some of our neighbors who are nurses! It was fun chatting with them while they helped us get all checked in. At 5:45am, the pitocin was started, and I was measuring at a 2.5.

At 7am, I had my water broken – weirdest / coolest feeling ever. Just like with my other two, the contractions picked up immediately afterwards. The anesthesiologist came in shortly later and gave me an epidural. Best epidural I’ve ever had! I could move my legs and still had some feeling and lots of pressure, but no pain. 

By 8am, I was at a 4 and by 9am I was still there. By 9:29am, I texted my mom, who had just arrived at church to tell her that it would probably be awhile. Brian was asleep on the couch next to me and I was trying to get some sleep too, but the pressure was increasing. At 9:45am my nurse came in and to my complete and utter shock, I was at an 8+! I woke up Brian, called my mom, and she and my sister hustled on over to the hospital! My doctor was in church meetings at the time, and hurried over to the hospital, too, Sunday clothes and all. He happened to have another patient in the next room and delivered her baby, then came right into our room. It was baby time! 

My mom and Erin ran into the room just after 10am and the games began! 🙂 The next part was a bit of a whirlwind and happened so quickly! My doctor was really good about coaching me through pushing, which meant no tears this time around! After 4 or 5 pushes, Lucy Jane arrived at 10:19am! She had gorgeous dark hair and as they laid her on my chest, my heart soared! 

Brian cut the umbilical cord and they took little Lucy, who had been pretty quiet, to clean her up a little and get her to let out a squeak! And seriously, it was the tiniest, shortest little cry you’ve ever heard! (I think the first time I really heard her cry was 2 weeks later!) 

Dr. T – Sunday clothes and all! 

After a little while in the delivery room, we were moved up to recovery. By this point my eyes were so heavy from such little sleep, so I closed them for a little bit before our other two girls arrived! 

On a side note: I changed out of my 1990’s hospital gown and into THIS delivery gown. I never know what to bring to the hospital to wear that will fit comfortably, work for checkups, and nursing – but this gown was seriously perfect and I lived in it my entire stay! Plus, it’s super cute. 10/10 would recommend! 

My dad, Grace and Zac brought the big sisters – and it was like heaven to all be reunited! Addie immediately hopped up on the bed to greet her little sister. They took turns checking out her tiny fingers and toes and oohing and ahhing over her. 

For weeks, Ellie had been talking about watching the new baby get a bath. We convinced our sweet nurse to let us all  in the nursery to watch Lucy get cleaned up and bathed, and Ellie was in heaven! It was so cute watching her – she would not leave Lucy’s side! 

The hospital stay was fantastic – complete with Oreo milkshakes on demand. 🙂 We were in absolute HEAVEN with our little Lou. From day one, she’s been the sweetest, happiest little thing and she’s brought heaven into our home! 

Blankets: Target & Captain Silly Pants
Hospital Gown & Pillowcase: Baby Be Mine Maternity
Bow: Bloomies Handmade
Going Home Outfit: Old Navy

We love you Lucy!! 
Alexa Zurcher




  • Ashley Ziegler

    Okay, I definitely think I need to meet her one day because WE SHARE THE SAME BIRTHDAY!!! 🙂

    ugh. babies are so cute. those little toes.

  • Halie Ferguson

    Oh, what a special day! So happy for your sweet family!

  • Brandi

    Congrats to you!!!

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