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Preschool Alphabet Learning Games

Once upon a time our summer vacation was jam packed busy and full…fast forward to now. We’re anxiously awaiting baby, the 110 weather has us staying inside most days, and we’re looking for every opportunity to turn off the TV and kill the summer boredom. 😉 
Enter, Miss Doree
Miss Doree was Ellie’s preschool teacher last year. She ADORES the kids she teaches and loves to help them learn. She’s made so many different teaching tools over the years – and the kids love them. We’ve been playing the Alphabet Sorts and Alphabet Game file folders during Addie’s nap time, and I’ve never seen Ellie so excited to play an educational, learning game! 😉 
The games are perfect for practicing phonemic awareness. As you play both games, you get to practice hearing the beginning sound of each of the picture cards, and then get to sort it with the correct letter. We took turns picking up cards and sounding it out. During the Alphabet Game, Ellie seriously beats me every time! 
The preschool alphabet file folder games are available as a printable download in Miss Doree’s Teacher Pay Teachers shop! (Alphabet Sorts & Alphabet Game) She also has other amazing products – like FREE letter review sheets and Beginning Reader Books
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