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Favorite Toddler Hair-Dos

Today we’re talking HAIR! Ellie’s hair is getting so long so all of the sudden our world has been opened up to so many new ways to do it! Addie’s hair is still a little short, but we’ve found a few ways to mix it up in the mornings. Here’s three of my favorite ways to do their hair! 
Pigtails are one of my favorites! I love that they can be super simple (two simple pony tails or braids) or you can add almost anything to it to spice it up a bit. The other day we added two little braids below Ellie’s two buns (pictured below!) and it turned out super cute. Other times, I’ll add just a few more pony tails all the way down to the big one. It keeps her hair out of her face and helps with the shorter hairs. 
I tried this one on my sister the other day, and loved it so much that we tried out a few different versions on Ellie’s hair. We did pull through pigtails and a pull through pony tail. (Here’s a good video tutorial for the pull through braid!) 

Probably THE easiest way to do my girls hair! We add a little side pony and a bow and they’re good to go! (Ellie’s hair can be a little crazy, so I often will add a few curls!) 

And there you have it! My three favorite hairstyles for my girls! 🙂 Because my girls wake up with the MOST crazy hair ever, we have no choice but to use detangler in the mornings. We have been using  JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES detangling spray and it’s been working wonders on their hair! It’s not too soapy or too smelly, and it helps smooth out their hair fast. 🙂 The easiest time to do their hair is right after a bath – and JOHNSON’S BEDTIME® Moisture Wash is another favorite to use around here. 🙂 

A big thank you to JOHNSON’S® for sponsoring this post. We’ve used their products for years and adore all their new products too – like JOHNSON’S® HEAD-TO-TOE™ baby cleansing cloths. I’m sharing #JOHNSONS in my life as part of a JOHNSON’S® sponsored series for Socialstars.™ Learn more about JOHNSONS by visiting their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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