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This last weekend we took a crazy, 4 day long trip up to our old stomping grounds. Brian had to work a few days, I had to work a few days (at Pinners Conference!) and of course, we had to throw in a lot of fun while we were at it. 🙂 I couldn’t get enough of the vibrant fall colors (we haven’t quite hit full blown fall in Southern Utah yet!) and we loved seeing our family and friends again. Here’s some photos from the weekend: 

Ellie is obsessed with leaves. It doesn’t even bother her that they end up stuck in her hair or down her shirt. There was a HUGE pile of leaves at the park (that were probably just raked) that she jumped in over and over again. It was pure joy watching her! 
See what I’m saying about the vibrant colors? Looove.
Addie, on the other hand, is not a fan of leaves. Especially when thrown in her face. 😉 
Gosh, I love that sweet smile. I’m happy to say this girl is back to her sweet, happy self (weaning through her for a loop!) 

We hung out with Becca and Aunt Liesell for a full day and the gilrs were in HEAVEN. Becca is right in between my girls ages, and it’s cute to watch them all interact together. 
These two got kind of tired of going back and forth between Pinners Conference and our hotel – but when I let them run lose through the show, they were adorably cute. Holding hands, hugging, and totally getting in everyone’s path. 🙂 Also, preparing for the biggest conference I’ve ever done while simultaneously packing for a week long out-of-the-country trip has got to be the craziest thing. Ever. 😉 
Every afternoon looked something like this! Ha! Not going to lie, this was a whirlwind of a trip. I forgot to bring a real jacket (and I’m a wimp so I was freezing) and I also forgot to bring socks! (Had to go shopping, haha!) Thankfully I did remember to bring stuff for the girls, a brush (I always forget that!) and Desitin. Addie is prone to diaper rash and vacation is no exception. I typically use DESITIN® rapid relief cream, but this trip I used the DESITIN® maximum strength original paste. Also, I forgot lotion (seriously scatterbrained this weekend!) so on my dry crackly hands, I ended up using DESITIN® multi-purpose ointment as it helps relieve dry, chapped skin. 🙂
After a FUN (and crazy!) weekend, we headed back home, girls asleep in the backseat and Brian and I munching on Mike & Ikes. Definitely a weekend for the books! 
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  • Ashley Ziegler

    I love Ellie's outfits! 🙂 So cute.

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