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September Young Women Lesson Handouts and Free Printables

Happy September! Since we moved, I haven’t served in Young Women’s and I MISS IT! I randomly pulled up a the lessons for this month and thought I’d make a few handouts for YOU! You can download all these handouts for free at the bottom of this post. 🙂 
One of my favorite quotes of all times. Neil F. Marriott quoted it in her talk that can be used in the lesson “How can I be in the world but not of the world?”
I love this scripture! It can be used with any of the lessons this month as we are focusing on keeping the commandments. 

Elaine S. Dalton is so wonderful! I love her talk that can be used in the lesson “How do I guard my virtue?”
Again, another quote that can be used with any lesson this month! Love these Young Women lessons on commandments. 

A tithing handout for the lesson “Why do we pay tithing?”
A quote from Ann M. Dibb on being honest for the lesson “Why is it important to be honest?”
And one of my favorite quotes for the lesson “Why are we commanded to keep the Sabbath day holy?”
They’ve been formatted to fit a few per page, to make it easy for you to print, cut, and handout. 
Please remember that they are for personal, church, or family use only.
(And if you share, we’d love to see it! Tag #alexazdesign or @alexazurcher 🙂
Alexa Zurcher




  • ellen

    These. are. perfect!!! I'm teaching about honesty on Sunday and was thinking maybe I'd find something on your blog. Seriously, thank you so much!!!

  • Alesa

    I love the beauty and simplicity of these! Thanks so much for your time and for sharing!

  • Allison Barker

    These are awesome! I always want to give my girls handouts but I am in no way creative. I wouldn't even know where to start. Thank you! You're awesome, these are awesome. I'm so excited.
    K thanks. ��

  • Holly

    These are wonderful! I'm using them for seminary. Thanks sooooo much.

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