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A Magical Surprise!

While we were in California last week, Brian planned the ultimate surprise for the girls. We woke up early, grabbed a quick hotel continental breakfast for the road, and when Ellie asked if we were going to the park, we just nodded our heads. 😉 As soon as E saw the Woody on the parking signs, she starting to giggle and giggle. “Is this a WOODY park?” When we told her where we were at, oh it was magic. She kept telling Brian “Daddy, why did you surprise me? You’re a genius!” (She’s obsessed with that word and it’s the cutest.) 
Addie was a bit older this time since our last Disney trip and it was SO much fun to watch her face light up and to see her wander down Main Street USA! (And no, we do not usually go to Disney twice in a year. Like, never ever. Totally spontaneous adventure!)
Addie was obviously a BIG fan of the tea cups. Ha! On a side note, Ellie rode her first “rollercoaster” in toon town and LOVED IT, so she went on it twice. Brian was SO proud. I love rollercoasters, but I’m becoming more of wimp after each baby! 
Sleeping Beauty is Ellie’s FAVORITE (though she’s never actually watched the movie all the way through) so when we saw her within minutes of arriving at the park, it was absolutely magical. Even though there was a pretty good line, the princess spent a good amount of time talking to Ellie and asking her all kinds of cute questions. Ellie’s dream come true!  
They look thrilled (ha!) but meeting Minnie Mouse was on high on the priority list for E, as well as riding on the “horsies” and Small World. We’ve heard A LOT of the Small World song since arriving back home. 
These Minnie ears kill me. Ha! Ellie wears them DAILY. 
Addie learned how to say WOW while we were there…cutest thing ever. She pointed at everything and said it over and over again. 
Addie also spent a good amount of time climbing on everything in sight – which made for some dirty hands and knees. I randomly packed these Johnson’s® new Head-To-Toe Cleansing Cloths in my backpack earlier that morning and they came in handy ALL DAY LONG. I loved that I could essentially give Addie a little sponge bath on the go as the wipes are huge, super soft, and made for quick clean up between baths. Never leaving the house without these (and I’m dead serious!) 
Pointing and saying WOW all day long. I wish I would have gotten more of it on video – so sweet. Thanks Brian for an unforgettable surprise and also to Socialstars for sponsoring this post. I’m sharing #JOHNSONS in my life as part of a Johnson’s® sponsored series for Socialstars.™ 
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Alexa Zurcher




  • Amy

    A magical surprise for sure!! So glad you had so much fun!

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