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Summer Afternoon

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Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.  Henry James

Long live summer afternoons! And summer mornings that feel like warm afternoons. 😉 Seeing as it was close to 100 degrees, we pulled out the sprinkler in my parents backyard during our stay last week. The girl’s faces just lit up! Addie’s face may have been 30% excitement, 70% terror, because as soon as her sister got hold of the hose, she was drenched. 😉

While Ellie watered everything (and everyone) in sight, Addie drove around in her “car,” getting frequent car washes! Its so fun watching my girls play with the same toys I grew up with. Brings back memories! (And how I used to kink the hose and make it spray in my little brother’s face…oops! 😉
This is probably my favorite shot – it just screams SUMMER! (And for those asking, I shot it in manual mode, aperture 1.4, with a 50mm lens. The lens I used requires me to stand back a bit, so I didn’t actually get the camera wet while taking the photo, though it looks like I’m up really close!) 

After a morning of full time play, the girls took a quick snack break before they were back at it again. Addie had a Mango Sprout Organic Pouch – they’ve been our go-to snack at home and on the go. We’ve loved trying all their new flavors: Mango, Spinach Banana Apple, Blueberry Banana Oatmeal, and Pear Spinach Prune. And yes, I say “we” because I totally sneak a squeeze here and there. 😉 There are three reasons why we love these pouches: 
1: It’s GOOD. Sprout offers delicious blends of whole fruits, vegetables, and grains in so many different flavors (while leading competitors primarily focus on just two flavors, apple and pear). Research shows that developing a love for healthy foods early on in life encourages healthy habits for life! Sprout offers delicious blends of whole fruits, vegetables, and grains giving babies greater exposure to wholesome foods. I love that these pouches are made with certified-organic, non-GMO ingredients that can help Addie develop a love of healthy foods early! 
2. It’s REAL. I love that Addie can try so many different wholesome flavors and that each product is labeled to “Keep it Honest, Make it Real.” Each flavor name matches the primary order of ingredients inside and only uses ingredients that would be found in my kitchen. I know exactly what Addie is eating and don’t have to worry about anything artificial or added preservatives. Mission & Values
3. It’s EASY. A lot of times I feel like healthier snacks take more prep work than other, not as good for you options, so I love that this requires no work at all! Unless you taking off the lid as work. 😉 We can take these pouches around while we travel or run errands for an easy snack! Where to Buy

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Happy summer afternoon! (Now let’s all go take a nap!)
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