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Tips for Taking Summer Photos

Summer Photos Tips - Sprinklers, Beach, and Pool!
Happy Summer! Ellie starts school this month and I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that summer is almost over! Back to school we go! Before we get back to the swing of things, I thought I’d share a few summer photo tips with you today! I’ve had a few questions on instagram about different shots – like this sprinkler photo – so I thought I’d share my secrets today! 

Sprinkler Photos
I adore sprinkler photos! Ellie is obsessed with running around with the hose and sprinkler, so I’ve learned a few tricks when taking photos. I tend to use my lenses that allow me to zoom in a bit so I’m not standing right next to the sprinkler, getting soaked! A low aperture (I used 1.4-2.0 in these!) makes for some gorgeous water bokeh! You’ll have to snap fast  – so keep your shutter speed fast to catch all the action! A phone will still be able to catch all the sprinkler fun – just with a little bit different look.

Pool Photos
First and foremost, safety first! I don’t bring my camera to the pool too often since I’m usually by myself with the girls, but when Brian’s with us, we take photos galore! Oftentimes, we are taking photos in the middle of the day (read: harsh sunlight!) so move around to find the best angles. Avoid too many shadows on the face and for different looks, squat down low, wade in the shallow end, or stand on a lounge chair!

 Beach Photos
My favorite! 🙂 There are a few things I try to remember when taking beach photos. First, watch your horizon and keep it straight in your pictures! Otherwise it makes your photos look wonky. Haha. Next, remember that the water will reflect the light! If there’s a lot of direct sunlight, you’ll be getting light from the sun and the water. It’s will be bright! (And sometimes harsh and shadowy.) I prefer to take my photos when the lighting is a little more even, no direct sunlight casting weird shadows. Next, get all the little details! Toes in the water, sandy shoes, you name it!

 Phone Photos
I’m not always great about grabbing my big camera before we head out on our adventures, so thank goodness for phone photos! I love using the “burst mode” for my wiggly, always moving kids. (Find it on your phone or an app!) It takes a ton of photos in a row, then I can choose the best one later! HDR works really well when there is weird, or too bright lighting. It takes a few different exposures and puts them together for a cool photo! Again, move around the find the best lighting and angle!

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  • Shan, Ms. Naturally Random

    We're planning some family time tomorrow #SundayFunday and I really wanted to snap a pics. Great inspiration.

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