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All things JULY!

If I could choose, heaven would be a never ending July. I live for these warm, sunny days! Since our trip to New York last month, we’ve had some down time here, and as much as we like to go-go-go, it’s been nice to relax just a bit. Our mornings have been easy, whipping up french toast and staying in our pajamas for longer than we probably should. We’ve been collecting “creatures” outside (ants and bugs galore!) and splashing in the pool. Heavenly, I tell ya! 
“Along with milk and vegetables, kids need a steady diet of rocks and worms.” This girl loves dirt and bugs. And running around with no pants on. Gosh, I love summer! 
It’s cherry season! I snapped this photo right before the sun went down, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of theses bright red cherries…even if they weren’t technically in our yard. šŸ˜‰
An afternoon at the splash pad! Love when these people are in town. Can’t wait until we are in their town! 
This girl and fireworks! Oh my heavens, I wish you could have heard the squeals of absolute joy on the 4th of July – she was in heaven! 
A fourth of July family photo that everyone was absolutely thrilled about šŸ˜‰ 
Date night photo! We need to be better at getting pictures of the two of us. Grace, you’re hired as our photographer from here on out. 
3/4 of us smiling, I’l take it! 
Babes first Independence Day. I love the bum in the air crawl. 
Pretty colors at sunset. 
Bath time and floral crowns! We’ve been making floral crowns outside most nights. I tie them together and Ellie places them on our heads – yes even Brian gets one! 
Cracking up. Gosh, I love her! 
Evenings at the cousin’s house! Spending lots of time with them (and using their laundry machine, ha!) The countdown is on, we move to St. George next month!!! 
Alexa Zurcher




  • Unknown

    Looks like you guys are making the best use of your summertime! Love all these pictures.

  • Ashley Ziegler

    Cute family! Looks like you're all having a great summer! šŸ™‚

  • Amy

    You and Brian are a stunning couple!! Love all of these pics! When the first picture of you two with Addie came up and then Ellie, my heart jumped….oh how I miss you all. Good thing we are headed up to see you – tomorrow!!! Yayyy!! I can't wait until you move down here. We're going to have a whole lot of fun that's for sure! xoxoxoxo Love you all!

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