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Memorial Day 2016

Our Memorial Day this year was sunny and bright and warm! Brian had the day off work, which the girls were completely thrilled about. Late afternoon, we met up with the Zurcher clan for an afternoon at the park. Nothing like good food, family time, and an epic game of tennis baseball. We also took advantage of our fam’s non-coin operated washing machines and did six loads of laundry. 😉 This year was the first year Ellie was old enough to explain the meaning behind the holiday. It was a good day remembering those who have served to preserve our freedoms. God forever bless America! 
^^ This girl and her scooter. It goes everywhere with us! ^^ 
^^ Grilled corn on the cob. A summer essential! ^^
^^ Max and Molly. Ellie loves playing catch with them, but is semi-scared of them at the same time. Uncle Travis holds her the whole time! ^^
^^ Someone got a hold of a cookie and was completely thrilled! ^^
^^ Forever running up to the camera and saying “cheeeese!” ^^
^^ The girls were huge fans of Camilla and Taylor, we absolutely adore both of them! ^^
And thus ends our three day weekend. The best weekends, in my opinion. 😉
Alexa Zurcher




  • Amy

    Looks like an amazing, long weekend!! Love!! ♥

  • ellen

    When is the next long weekend? I love them too!

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