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Yesterday, I spent some time going through some old photos. I needed a few for a Father’s Day project and man alive, I loved looking through the literally thousands of photos stored on my phone and computer. I found a bunch of Brian and the girls and gah, be still my heart. If there’s one thing that turns my heart into complete mush, it’s watching Addie and Ellie with their dad. 
Brian doesn’t get much time in the spotlight on the blog, which he’s okay with. That just means less time in front of the camera for him, ha! But when I do pull out the camera for pictures with his girls, he is a good sport. He adores his blonde haired beauties, and they adore him right back. When he gets home from work, you’d think it was Christmas with all the squealing! 
Now that’s a brave dad! ^^ Haha. I’m often amazed when I watch Brian with Addie and Ellie. As babies, when they would cry and scream, my stress levels would go up while he would remain cool as a cucumber, bouncing and burping them till they calmed down. When Ellie throws a fit, he still remains collected and patient as usual. He’s the first to get on the floor to play princesses or grab the wipes to change a dirty diaper. 
I recently watched this sweet video clip – perfect message for Father’s Day. I loved the cute drawing of the super heroes, Ellie is 100% certain that her dad should be wearing a cape. He can do anything! You can also find cute Father’s Day photo overlays here, perfect for customizing your photos, like the one I made above! Grateful for this guy. I’ll forever love watching him be a dad. 

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  • Caravan Sonnet

    These pictures are so sweet! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
    Blessings, Rebecca 🙂

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