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Life Lately

^^ A day at the park with these two girlies. We were apartment hunting and the girls needed to run around and play. Cutest leather oxfords from Love Winnie James ^^ 
^^ Speaking of apartment hunting…we sold our house! In two days! We finished the inspection and have an appraisal this week. If all goes well, we’ll be moving out next month. Which means, time to start packing! ^^ 
^^ Post preschool hair. Ellie sat still long enough for me to try out some new braids in her hair. I love her little blonde wisps! ^^
^^ A quick weekend with the fam for a missionary farewell. Love when we all get to spend time together. ^^

^^ I probably shouldn’t, but these photos make me giggle. Look at that sad little face! She was comforted .0019 seconds after these photos were taken, but that pouty face just had to be documented! ^^ 
^^ Every time we go to the park, she gets more and more brave. And she makes ten new friends everywhere we go. ^^
^^ Another blossoming tree photo for your feed. I can’t get enough! ^^ 
^^ And some family photos taken before church on Sunday. Ellie couldn’t get enough of our InstaX camera and we snapped away! ^^
Alexa Zurcher




  • April @ Hansen Love

    I can't believe that your house sold that fast. No, I can believe it! Its so adorable! I love the crying pictures, I've totally taken some too! They are so adorable and every mama has got to have them!

  • Courtney

    All of your pictures are just gorgeous!

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