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Mini Milestones

Yesterday while we were eating our dinner, surrounded by moving boxes mind you, I looked at my Addie girl and suddenly realized just how much she’s grown. You know, the holy-cow-you-were-just-born-and-soon-you’ll-be-turning-one-and-then-moving-out-to-college realization. Every mom says this, but the first year goes by so fast. Except those middle of the night wake up calls. 😉
^^ Those arms, though! ^^
Addie’s hit the major milestones – scooting on her belly and quickly moving to crawling everywhere, pulling herself up to stand, taking on the stairs, falling off the bed (ok, NOT a milestone, and still floods me with mom guilt when I think about it!) but she’s also hit some “mini milestones” too. The tiniest, sweetest little things that don’t make it on the milestone lists in the books, but I want to forever remember. And for my forgetful memory, I had to document a few here: 

-A few times a day, she wraps her arms around me, lays her head on my chest and says “awww.” She does it multiple times in a row and turn into a melted pile of mush every time. The sweetest.

-She points at the things she wants – which typically are mom, dad, and Ellie, then leaps right into their arms. Ellie thinks it’s the best thing ever to hold her and walk her around the house. And by the sound of Addie’s giggles, she agrees. 
-She works hard to pull herself up on the furniture and stand to play with her toys. When she accidentally drops one on the ground, she lets out a sigh, then slowly drops back to the ground to pick it up. 
-Whenever she gets sad (like when mom leaves the room! 😉 she looks up at your with her big, huge eyes and sticks that quivering bottom lip right out. Tell me, how do you say no to that! You can’t, I tell you! 
-And when she’s really concentrated, like when she’s crawling after one of her sister’s prized possessions, she bites her bottom lip with her eyes locked on the target and moves in quick. If she’s lucky, she gets a few minutes of playtime before her sister rushes in. 😉 
Oh, if only I could just bottle up this stage and keep her little forever. These little moments with my girls, though small, bring me the greatest joys! Love these little wonders – and love this cute commercial from JOHNSON’S® about celebrating the small moments. You can see more by connecting with JOHNSON’S® Baby on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
Happy nine(ish) months Addie girl. You’ve got us wrapped around your finger and we wouldn’t have it any other way. XO

This post was in collaboartion with #JOHNSONS a company we have loved and trusted in our family for years. It is part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™. #LittleWonders

Alexa Zurcher




  • Bekah

    She is so darling! I laughed SO hard when I read how she sighs whenever she drops a toy. So stinking cute!!! I didn't believe people when they said how fast the first year goes, until became a mom myself. I find that the saying "The days are long but the years are short" is so true!

  • Unknown

    Oh my glob, she is so precious. And I sigh when I drop stuff too…it's just so hard to bend down and pick it up. Haha.

  • Kayla

    Alexa, she is a doll!! Your girls are just about the cutest things I've ever seen!

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