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And then we went to Disneyworld!

Once upon a time we went to Disneyworld and that three year old up there? HAPPIEST girl on earth. Boy oh boy, I wish you could have seen her oohing and ahhing over the princesses and Mickey Mouse EVERYWHERE! She was in HEAVEN. We spent two days in the Magic Kingdom and it was pure magic – for all of us! Plus, it was a totally different experience from the last time we were there. (It was 50 degrees and freezing, ha!) And while she had fun last time, she had a complete BLAST this time around. 3 years old is the magic number, man!
I ended up bringing my “big” camera with us, along with our little gopro, and I’m glad I did! I’m working on a post with our favorite Disneyworld tips and tricks, but our best tip? Umbrella stroller. Easy to carry, easy to fold for the tram, and we wouldn’t be heartbroken if someone stole it. Best $20 investment! 😉 
Our dear friends and Florida hosts are pro Disneyworld experts so they guided us all around and showed us all the tricks! 
Happiest little one. She loved meeting all the characters and LOVED the electrical parade. She also loved all the new people she met. One lady in line even got her to wave! 
DUMBO. We have a classic Dumbo picture book that we’ve been reading over and over again for the last few months, so Ellie was begging to ride Dumbo first thing. The best part about the ride is the indoor “circus” playground that the kids play on while you wait! 
Cutest little mama ducks and her babies. Ellie and I were dying over how cute they were! 
Ellie and Aunt Savannah. Boy oh boy, did Ellie ADORE Savannah. It was darling. 
BUZZ! Ellie is obsessed with Toy Story.
She wore those Minnie ears for two days straight. And had we not taken them off that night, she would have worn them to bed! 
She was a little timid around the few characters that we met, but she did give Jessie and Woody a giant hug! 
At one point while the boys were on a “big kid” ride, we stopped for a little snack time. Addie was ready to get out of the stroller, so behold, our makeshift picnic blanket (my jacket!) and snacks on the ground. Super classy. 😉 
Cutest bathroom area ever. Disney knows what they’re doing. 
Uncle Ryan and the two girlies! We loved hanging out with them and we also loved that they would watch our kids so Brian and I could ride something together. 
Addie got her first Oreo this trip. She pretty much thought it was the best thing ever. She’s totally my daughter. 😉 
Starstruck Ellie! She met her favorites – Rapunzel, Mickey and Cinderella – and she was just in awe. She wouldn’t say a word until we left and then she was super excited. 
So glad we had a few days to spend at Disneyworld! And seriously, so. much. fun. with kids. Pure magic, I tell you! xoxo
Alexa Zurcher




  • Unknown

    We're headed to Disneyland this weekend and seeing your pictures makes me even more excited!! Jade will finally be old enough to like it (she was 2 months old last time hahaha yeah I'm THAT mom)

  • Hannah Krueger

    I'm going to Disney World later this year! These pictures made me so excited!

  • P

    ahhh!! i lovee!!! i want to be your daughter! take me to disneyland and we can buy bucket hats again! 😀 LOVE YOU GUYS <3

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