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The Sunshine State

 Hello, hello! If you’ve been following along over on instagram, then you saw a little glimpse of our trip to FLORIDA! We just got back last week and post vacation blues? Totally a real thing. Especially when you walk out of the airport sporting sandals and sunburns and walk right into SNOW. 😉

We decided to take a little trip to the sunshine state to visit our friends that had recently moved out there. We had been planning on visiting them sometime this year, and when I visited the doctor a few months ago and he told me I needed to up my Vitamin D, we booked our trip ASAP. Doctor’s orders! 😉 I need my doc to tell me that every winter!

For the first half of our trip, Ryan and Savanna graciously let us invade their place and stay with them. Best hosts ever! They’re six minutes from Delray Beach, so we hit up the beach just about every day. Talk about heaven! The girls had a BLAST – Addie was enthralled with the waves and ate a few servings of sand 😉 And Ellie had the time of her life. She’s got salt water running through her veins. 

Our flight to Florida was fairly uneventful, minus the one hour layover that turned into FIVE. We found ourselves a good ol’ corner and let the girls run / crawl around. Yes, on that dirty airport floor…yuck! But hey, they slept the entire four hour flight after that, so I guess it was worth it. Germs and all. 😉 And even though we didn’t arrive until 2am (!!!) we still were up at the crack of dawn ready for the BEACH. Because beach trumps sleep every day. Here’s just a few photos from our beach days (I swear this is the narrowed down version!! Ha!)  


^^ This sequence of photos cracks me up! Also, Addie’s face stays pretty much the same. Ha! ^^
^^ My little beach girls! Please note that the girls never got sunburned – just super tan. Brian and I on the other hand? Burned to a crisp! Ouch. ^^
^^ This girl LOVED the sand. ^^
^^ Salt water sandals all day, every day! ^^ 
^^ So. Much. Joy. She chased those waves all day. Also, she’s never slept so good at night! ^^
^^ Every day Addie cuddled up next to me for a nap on the beach. Nothing better than snuggling a baby in the sunshine! ^^
^^ Those blue, blue skies! After a super foggy winter, those skies were a welcomed sight! ^^
^^ Attempt at a family (very windy!) family photo. Also, please note the sand all over Ellie and Addie’s face. I swear, I’m still finding sand. 🙂 ^^

^^ She has the BEST beach hair. ^^

^^ Two little beach bums. ^^ 

Alexa Zurcher




  • Caravan Sonnet

    How fun!! This looks like such a lovely trip!! 🙂

  • Unknown

    I LOVE IT!!! That water looks like Hawaii too!

  • Amy

    Wow! Such amazing photos! The blue sky, sun-a-shining, and waves…what more could you ask for?? So glad you and your sweet little family had such a wonderful trip xoxoxoxoxo

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