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Staying Fit with Kids + a Video!

Hi guys! Super excited to be sharing this post with you today. And not going to lie, kind of nervous too! I don’t talk too much about fitness and workouts on the blog much, maybe just one or two other times, but I wanted to share a little bit of what we’ve been up to lately! After having two kids, I’ve learned that losing that extra baby weight and getting back into shape takes a lot more work than I once thought. Ha! 🙂 I’ve been working consistently since Addie was a few months old to get back into an active lifestyle. I’m not nearly as gung-ho as I was the last time (turns out having two kids is just a tad busier, haha) but I’ve been trying to be consistent and I’ve seen a lot of progress! Slow and steady, but progress nonetheless. So I thought I’d share a few of my favorite ways to stay active and healthy during the day

^^ Slow and steady progress. Still working towards my goals, but man alive, I have so much more ENERGY! And with my current sleep schedule I need all the energy I can get. Ha! ^^ 

Do a workout at home. I’ve never been a big fan of the gym and the one time I did have a gym membership (pre-kids), I always found excuses not to go. I find it much easier to workout at home. I love using P90x or Insanity videos for a quick 20-30 minute burn. I can fit in a quick sweat during nap time or before preschool drop off, or sometimes even late at night! But don’t be fooled. If the girls are awake, it can get a little crazy. I’m definitely still in mom mode! 😉 See for yourself in the video below.  

Make it fun for your kids. Some days, I know my kiddos won’t last if I put on a quick workout video, so we opt for a dance party instead. They think it’s AWESOME and I throw in a few squats and lunges so I can count it as a workout for the day. Win-win for everyone! Also, having another mom as a workout buddy works well – the kids have someone to play with!

Track your steps. I LOVE tracking my steps throughout the day. I try to hit 10,000 steps a day and some days that means running up and down the stairs a few extra times. 😉 I find that when I count my steps, I’m more aware of how much I’m moving and plan more active days. I have THIS smart watch that tracks my steps (love it!) and a lot of my friends have FitBits that they like as well.  

Eat more. And by eat more, I mean more often (but smaller portions)! I love to snack, so I typically have 5-6 smaller “meals” during the day. I keep my breakfast, lunch, and dinner slightly smaller, so that I can have two or three in between “meals” or snacks during the day. Some days those snacks consist of a good ol’ chocolate chip cookie (or better yet, girl scout cookies!), but for the most part, I try to stick to healthier options. Some of my favorites snacks:

*Whole wheat toast with peanut butter
*Plain yogurt with fruit
*Cheese stick and a few pretzels
*Handful of almonds
*Air popped Popcorn + Salt
*Veggie straws (maybe not THE healthiest, but we love them!)
*And fresh fruits + veggies. For a quick on the go option, we have been Naked Cold Pressed Juice. It works great to grab on the way out the door, plus they’re made with high quality fruits and veggies and no added sugar or preservatives. We’re excited that their five new flavors are hitting West Coast stores and coming soon nationwide.

Be consistent. Obviously this is a big one and probably the hardest for me. Being consistent doesn’t mean eating perfect every day (ha, I’m far from that!) or even getting in a good work out 6 times a week. Do what works for you, your family, and lifestyle. I’m not a big fan of totally restrictive diets (ugh, I hate the word diet!) so I stick by the motto moderation in all things. So I try to be consistent about eating healthy snacks and meals and fitting in a workout or walk 3-4 times a week, but while still enjoying the good stuff. You know, like date night and a bowl of ice cream. 🙂

Treat yo self. And can I add, show some love to yourself! Cheesy, but true. Enjoy where you are at NOW. Don’t wait to buy that shirt until you lose X amount of pounds. Treat your self! Also, I can be SO hard on myself sometimes.The stuff I think about myself I would NEVER think or say to anyone else, so I have been making the effort to stop and replace those negative thoughts. (This challenge from The Small Seed is a wonderful tool!) 

When I’m consistently doing these things, I have so much more energy and find myself in a much better mood. And when mom’s in a good mood, everyone’s in a good mood, right? What are your favorite ways to stay active with kiddos?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.
Alexa Zurcher




  • Love always, Jess

    Thats so funny! I actually am more consistent with a gym membership, I cannot get the motivation to do workouts at home. Something about the peer pressure of having other people watching me.

  • Unknown

    I love Naked juice! And I totally had a gym membership for like 4 hours till I walked into the locker room to room full of naked bathing women… I realized quite quickly I prefer the great outdoors than any treadmill inside next to a bunch of sweaty people HA! woo for insanity and nature!!

  • Amy

    Cutest workout video ever!! Love that your girls are in there with you. They are going to be fit and healthy their whole lives with an example like that. Your're rocking it!! xoxoxoxoo

  • Claire

    Great tips! I am all about the multiple meals a day! I feel like it speeds up my metabolism

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