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Life in Black & White

^^ This girl. I swear she always thinks its summer. Mind you both Addie and I were wearing sweaters and blankets at this point, and Ellie was happily eating her ice the shade. ^^

^^ I hope they always think I’m hysterical. Totally showing them this picture when they’re teenagers. Ha! ^^

^^ Addie went from attached to my hip full time to Daddy’s little girl overnight.  It’s the cutest. Insert all heart eye emojis here. ^^

^^ I caved and bought the girls matching Easter dresses this year. I mean, how could I not. Have you been to Target lately? Also, we were at Target four times last week. Do they have Target addiction recovery? Ha! Just kidding. Slightly. ^^

^^ I seriously love her. ^^

^^ I’ll take ten more just like them, please. But seriously, they’re the sweetest. (Ok, until the five o’clock witching hour…ah! 😉 ^^

^^ Newest phrase she picked up at the playground “That’s NOT fair!” and “Oh my heavens!” ^^

^^ Almost eight months old. Ah! I can start planning her first birthday party now, right? 😉 ^^

^^ Always on the move, this one. Getting photos of the two of them together is proving to be quite the challenge! Oh, and our baby gate is in full force at the top of the stairs, because my heavens, this little one can move! ^^

^^ A quick photo from Friday night. My cute friends threw a Jane Austen party and it was AMAZING. A full post on that coming soon, because seriously, it was fantastic. Also, I left Addie for the longest amount of time, a solid 3.5 hours! It was weird and ever so relaxing. 😉 ^^

^^ Those eyelashes! Let’s also note, that we went a week without her playing in my make up. Success! Though we did have a run in with some markers… ^^

^^ And my two favorite girls. ^^

P.S. The girls spring dresses and cardigans are from Target, Addie’s headband is from Sticky Bliss, my floral dress is from Love Winnie James. Addie’s sunglasses are also from Target and Ellie’s moccasins are from Freshly Picked.

Alexa Zurcher




  • Amy

    Holy there is a whole lot of gorgeousness going on here!!! You are so beautiful and your girls take right after their mama. Incredible inside and out. On a side note, I need these pic's printed for my wall!! xoxoxooxxo

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