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Things I Swore I’d Never Do & Spring Hairdos

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While chatting with a neighbor the other day, we discussed all the things we swore we would never do. Oh the things you say before having kids! We had a good laugh. Like not letting our children watch TV until they’re at least two years old…that one didn’t last long 🙂 Or remember how I swore I’d never drive a mini van? HA! And, of course, I promised I would never, ever let my kids run around with wild looking hair…

…And then sweet Ellie came along. Her hair is about as wild as her cute personality. Here’s a few pictures from a MILD morning. It’s still a tangled mess! On preschool days we try to make sure her hair is a bit more presentable…but if you stop by on a non-school day or after an afternoon at the park, you’ll probably see otherwise. 😉

We’ve been trying out a few simple, easy hair dos as of late to keep Ellie’s hair looking slightly under control and out of her face. This glorious spring weather has us out and about more! I’ve learned that anything I do to Ellie’s hair cannot take longer than 5 minutes (maybe 10 if Daniel Tiger is on!) and can’t pull or tug too much…which is hard when her head is a tangled mess of hair! 😉 I recently picked up a new hair brush at Target (the one I have been using is embarrassingly old) and it’s made such a difference. We tried the Goody Ouchless Girls Oval Brush and not only is it PINK, which is a favorite color around here, but it also doesn’t pull or tug Ellie’s hair. AND I didn’t have to use any detangler. That’s a first! 

Here’s one of our favorite quick hair styles + a simple tutorial. Ellie loves the “Elsa braid” and buns, and I love that it doesn’t take too long and keeps her hair from falling in her eyes. I definitely recommend using the Goody Ouchless Girls Oval Brush and Goody Ouchless Elastics. Grab ’em on your next outing to Target and use the Cartwheel app to get 20% off Kids Accessories (3/9-19) and 20% off Goody Hairbrushes (3/13-19). The Cartwheel app is my favorite thing. I mean, if I’m going to be at Target once….err a few times a week…then why not save some $$? 😉 Keep checking the app for more Goody Cartwheel offers!

And now, for the hairstyle Ellie’s sported a few times this week…it’s that easy!

One: Attempt to sit child down to get her hair done. Daniel Tiger works as an excellent bribe. 😉
Two: Using the Goody Ouchless Girls Oval Brush and a bit of water from a spray bottle, brush through tangled hair.
Three: Pull hair back away from face and secure with a Goody Ouchless Elastic, leaving a small section of hair out near front and side of part.
Four: Starting with three small pieces of the front section, french braid hair towards back and secure with a clear Goody Ouchless Elastic.
Five: Part hair down the middle and pull into two pigtails. One pigtail will also include the french braid. Or Elsa braid. Whichever you prefer to call it. 😉
Six: Take one pigtail and wrap the hair around the elastic. Pinch down and secure with clear elastic into a messy bun. Repeat on other side.
Seven: Add a touch of hair spray and matching bows, if desired. Let child resume running rambunctiously throughout the house. 😉

And voila! Mission complete! Ellie approved of her hair and was also super excited that I let her wear her Easter dress a few weeks early. She made sure she added all the necessary accessories. 😉 Also, let it be known that she came up with all the poses for these photos all on her own. 😉 Ha! Also, if you have any girl hair tips or tutorials, send them my way! So long as Daniel Tiger is here to help, I’m all for trying some new do’s! 😉

Alexa Zurcher




  • Laura

    I love that first picture! Kids with sunglasses are always a yes.

  • Amy

    Oh my goodness, what a gem! Love the pictures and the video. She is such a cutie!!!

  • Amberly

    Those messy hair pictures have so much personality and spunk! She's cute any way she has her hair 🙂

  • Tayler Morrell

    Super cute! It looks like she has super fine hair….my son is the same.

  • Ashley Ziegler

    She's such a cutie!! 🙂

  • brypeterson

    Her hair is almost identical to my little girl and it's WILD for sure! Loved this post.

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