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Easter Basket Favorites

Ellie and I have been watching the trees in the front yard every day for signs of spring. I’m just dying for those pink flowers to blossom! Ellie has been helping the process along, she brings out her spray bottle every day to water the tiny buds. Oh spring, I forgot how much I love you! 
We’ve started putting up the very few Easter decorations around our house (thank you Target dollar spot!) and Ellie just cannot contain her excitement. That girl and holidays, man. It’s the best! Though, I keep forgetting to add Cadbury eggs to our cart. I guess another long walk around Target is in store! 😉
Today, I’ve rounded up a few of our Easter favorites! For Easter baskets, we only do a few items – a few treats and maybe some bubbles, a book, or chalk. (Though this year, I couldn’t resist and got the girls matching Easter dresses, too!) I love these fabric lined baskets from Target (Ellie’s been carrying around hers for a week now!) and that bunny book is a childhood favorite! I’ve also been eyeing that art print for awhile now, it’s a perfect reminder of the season. You can find the links to all the products below. Also, see previous Easter’s herehere, and here! 

Alexa Zurcher




  • Unknown

    is that the easter dress you bought your girls??? Yesterday I bought that exact dress for Kam's easter dress, & Alex made me promise I wouldn't put it on her until easter, it is sooo cute!!

  • Jenna Lou

    Thanks so much for sharing our Bumbelou Bows!!

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