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This week I was THAT mom. Yes, you know, the one that gets sympathetic stares from all the other mothers who are grateful that screaming child (er…children) are not theirs. Yes, I lugged a crying Addie in her carseat in one hand, a wet, screaming-at-the-top-of-her-lungs Ellie in the other arm, and a diaper bag, towel, shoes, and other nonsense on my head, shoulders, and back. Yes, trying to wrangle Ellie OUT of the pool after swimming lessons proved to be a challenge this week. And yes, I’m sure it looked rather ridiculous. Looking back now, it’s comical but oh the mortification at the time. 😉 Ha!

Speaking of three year olds, we are going through QUITE the stage right now. The above picture is an accurate depiction of this week. As long as mom is around, Addie is a happy camper and Ellie, oh being three is so hard! For the most part, she’s an absolute gem, we’ve just had a few extra outbursts this week and I’ve been sneaking a few more drinks of Brian’s Coke than usual. 😉 Ha!

Also, Addie is THIS close to crawling. Ellie and I cheer her on all day long, it’s our favorite! I guess it’s about time we start baby proofing again…and block off the stairs! I swear yesterday she was just a tiny newborn. It goes by SO FAST! Anyway, we’re off to a play date with friends (and the zoo!) Bless this slightly warmish weather. 🙂


P.S. I picked up the hat Ellie is wearing at Target this winter, along with Addie’s outfit. Addie’s headband is from Mads Made Headbands, Ellie’s outfit is hand-me-downs from Gap, the floral blanket is from Layla Bell Designs and the darling striped diaper bag is from Coco and Kiwi.

Alexa Zurcher




  • Adrienne

    3s are worse than 2s! I've gone through it with 2 of our 4 babies and really, once they hit about 41/2, it gets better…but I remember with our first thinking that he was a great 2-year-old…then he turned 3 and I had no idea what was happening to our sweet boy! Now he's six and so much better lol and our 4 1/2-year-old is growing out of it too so just know it's only a phase!

  • Amy

    Laughing so hard!! Man alive it is hard to be a mama!!! You are doing a great job. Ellie is just like Erin….it's so hard not getting to be in control of everything. Sooo many times I had to tell Erin, "I am the mom. I waited a lonnnng time to be a mommy and now I am. I am the mom (not you!). " Ha! Sending prayers!! Those spirited ones are so amazing and smart, but they can eat ya alive!! LOVE YOU xoxoxoxooxo

  • Ashley Ziegler

    You have cute kiddos!! Oh being three… I don't have any children but I have 6 nephews under the age of 4 and I have definitely seen the days of a threenager. Lol 🙂

  • Tayler Morrell

    We are going to the zoo today too!

  • Unknown

    These are probably two of the chicest babes I've seen 🙂 That fourth picture – one smiling, one wailing, cracks me up. I've heard three can be rough, and seen it in some other kids, so I'm bracing myself for when my little guy gets there 😉 It must be so crazy, going through new things with a three-year-old, while going back through the infant stage! Hopefully I'll get there someday too!

  • Unknown

    They are adorable!!! I totally get the threenager stage, we are living it right now. We experienced a total melt down at an Elsa Birthday party last weekend = mortifying. I was dying, but yes all the parents are so understanding – "been there!"

    Patience… LOL! and a glass of red wine before bed 😉


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