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Well hello FRIDAY!
And also, hello February!

Can I just tell you how happy I am that it is now February? One month closer to spring! Yeah! (Though if you looked outside our window right now, it doesn’t look like spring is coming anytime soon. More snow! 🙂

We celebrated on Monday, the first day of February, with pink waffles for breakfast with pink sprinkles and hearts hanging all over the house. Perfect way to start our week! And Ellie, oh Ellie thought it was the best thing since Christmas. I think more of our mornings need to start that way 😉

I spontaneously (and last minute!) signed Ellie up for a session of swimming lessons. She’s been loving it and it’s bringing back all sorts of memories from my days of teachings swim lessons. Ha! (But seriously, best job ever. Also, I miss my tan!)

Midway through our week, our heater broke and that was fun. And by fun, I mean kind of depressing forking over $$$, but hey! We are warm! And cozy! And that’s good!

We spent our morning setting up for this market and then we spent the morning having cousin time! The girls spent a few hours playing play-dough, helping me make bread dough, and learning how to share. 😉

And..look who learned to sit up last month! (Also, how is she getting so big!?!? Ahhh!) Addie’s getting really good at scooting herself backwards across the floor and sitting up on her own…that is until her big sister tips her over! (see below!) And still, she’s happy as can be.

Happy weekend my friends!! Hope it’s glorious! XO

Alexa Zurcher




  • Kristin DiCristofano

    Teaching swim lessons really was the best, and oh how I miss that tan!

  • Susan Stange

    That smile melts me! I'm stoked it's February, too! January took foreeeeeeeeeverrrrrrr!!!

  • Leah Bryant

    She is the cutest!!!! 🙂

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