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Our cute little Addie is 6 months old!

Feels like yesterday that she was a squishy little newborn and now she’s a wiggly, laughing, 15 pound bundle of energy. At six months, Addie still hates her car seat, but less than she did those first few months HALLELUJAH! She rolls every which way, is starting to sit on her own, and scoots backwards and in circles on her belly. Tummy time is a favorite (she’s starting to lift her tummy off the ground) as well as giving us super slobbery kisses. 😉 Ellie can make her laugh the hardest and loudest and Aunt Grace has the magic touch when it comes to nap time. She still doesn’t take a binky (but they work as great toys!) and still sucks on her fingers. She will eat pretty much anything in front of her (food or non food…we’ve had a few papers eaten!) and adores her highchair. Oh Addie girl, we love you! You’re our little ray of sunshine!

Alexa Zurcher




  • Amy

    So thankful for that beauty in our family! Addie sure is loved!! (and six months??!! my how time flies!!)

  • Susan

    Are her eyes green? She is such a beautiful little babe!

  • Susan

    Are her eyes green? She is such a beautiful little babe!

  • Anonymous

    That bow is too adorable…just like her!

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