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Happy New Year! and 2015 Year in Review

Happy 2016!!

I’m sure it will be at least May before I start remembering to write 2016 instead of 2015 on my papers 😉 I  Ha! I hope you all had an amazing holiday! As much as I love getting back into a regular schedule, I’m missing our lazy holiday break! Speaking of routines, I’m finally getting back to the swing of things around here and hey, that means blogging! More posts coming your way this week, but in the meantime, I couldn’t start the new year without sharing a few of my favorite posts from last year. XO

2015 Blog Year in Review

Hand lettered Calendar Printable (my fav!)
Young Womens New Beginnings Printables
College Survival Kit Printables that I made for my siblings
LDS General Conference Printables hashtag best weekend of the year!
Hot Chocolate Party Printables – probably my favorite winter party to date!

We’re having a BOY! Oh wait actually, a GIRL!
Interview with a Two Year Old and my favorite video ever ever ever.
Welcome to the World little Addie girl. 2015 highlight!
Addie’s Birth Story part one and two. I still need to finish up the last part, oops!
Family Update, you know, getting real official
Ellie is Three and had a pink party!
Film Family Photos with our family of four!

DIY & Recipes
Three Ways to Display Instagrams
Welcome Home Baby Package (+printables included!)
Cinnamon Rolls that are making my mouth water!
Frosted Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies mmmmm
Warm Buttery Rolls and Cinnamon Honey Butter

Tips and Tricks
Favorite Free Fonts and how to pair them
Things to do in St. George, you know besides sun bathe.
5 Secrets for Photographing your crazy adorable toddler
Thrifting Tips and Tricks aka how I find 80% of my clothes

Camping on the Beach (best trip ever!)
Babymoon in Mexico…those colors!
Oceanside Pier for milkshakes
Walking on Sunshine in St. George
Park City Getaway with a tiny Addie

Easter with the Zurcher Fam
4th of July (ooh, I was so pregnant!!)
Halloween with our “mad” princess
Thanksgiving and a silly little video
Christmas coming soon…yeah I’m behind 🙂

Alexa Zurcher




  • Amy

    Oh I had so much fun going back to look at some of these!! But like you, my all time favorite is the interview with miss Ellie at the age of two. Chocolate! I need chocolate!! She's your daughter for sure 🙂 Love you all so much! What a great journal / scrapbook you have in this blog of yours!!!

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