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How We Wore It | Holiday Edition


There’s one month out of the year when I really like our front door color. Our HOA doesn’t allow us to paint our doors and while I’m not the biggest fan of green, during the month of December, I totally embrace it. 😉  We snapped these pictures on Sunday before church to document that we were all ready a HALF HOUR BEOFRE CHURCH STARTED. Yes, that sentence called for all caps, it was a big occasion. We got thrown off our groove with two kids in the mix (haha), but we’re adjusting and finally sitting in the soft pews again, instead of those hard, cold seats in the back. 😉

how we wore it holiday 2015

This Sunday outfit was inspired by our How We Wore It image from Because Shanna Said So. I loved the plaid and the pops of red against the neutrals and of course, booties. While I don’t have any buffalo plaid in my closet (I’m dying to add some!) I did find a way to incorporate a plaid pattern with my skirt. Most of my outfit was found while thrifting. In fact, my skirt is actually an awesome vintage piece I scored a few years back. (It even has a matching blazer, ha!) Addie went plaid, too, and Ellie pulled in the fun fur/animal print in her outfit!


Here’s a few more photos from our quick Sunday morning front porch photo session. I’m happy to report our Sunday went relatively smoothly. Ellie didn’t hit anyone in the back of the head with a cracker (true story. that girl has good aim!), I only tripped in the hallway once (better than usual!) and Addie didn’t have any blowouts. We’ll call that a win! And, Brian? He’s usually pretty well behaved. Ha!


OUTFIT DETAILS – My outfit: vintage/thrifted, shoes & tights: Target | Ellie’s dress: Gap, Bow: Mads Made Headbands | Addie’s dress: Old Navy, Bow: Bloomie’s handmade | Hello Wreath: Hello Happy House

I’m so excited to see the outfits these lovely ladies put together this month! If you’d like to participtate in next month’s “How We Wore It” collab, sign up on Brooke’s blog below:

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Alexa Zurcher




  • Unknown

    THAT SKIRT! When I saw a picture this Sunday on IG I wondered about that skirt–it's so cute and I love it with the grey tights. That shirt is amazing as well. You are gorgeous as are both girls!

  • Unknown

    Okay… basically all my thoughts lead back to this one statement, "Why is your family the CUTEST!?" I am seriously in love. Picture perfect and so darling. The details on the bottom of your top and perfection too.

  • Brooke @ Silver Lining

    Could your family get any more cute?! You four are darling! And let's get a big AMEN for sitting in the soft benches instead of those cold hard chairs in the back! I swear it's impossible for Claire to be reverent when we're back there. Instead of only 99% impossible for her to be reverent in the front. 😉

  • Amy

    I have such huge tears in my eyes!! Boy oh boy do I ever miss you all!! Come back!!! 🙂 That being said, you all look gorgeous, happy, and content. Parenthood looks amazing on both of you and your girls are both so confident and loved! So thankful those sweet girls are with the best parents ever. Love you all so much. And really, come back!!!! SOOON!!!!

  • Unknown

    Darling family! A couple months back I found you through this collab and followed you on Instagram, and seriously, you guys are the cutest. I love how you used everyone's outfits in the look.

  • Unknown

    Such cute little family pictures! 🙂 I love that you thrifted most of the outfit. Isn't that the best?

  • Rachel Sayumi Porter

    the three cutest girls eva.

  • Simply Hannah Sneed

    I can barely focus on your (amazing) outfit because your babes are SO STINKIN CUTE!!!!

  • Unknown

    You're the cutest mama ever! Love the cute girlies dresses! Love when mamas include their littles in the fashion posts! Hunters my photographer but thats about as clever as i've got to include them! Miss your beautiful face! <3

  • Tayler Morrell

    You and your daughters are adorable!

  • Justine Y @ Little Dove

    You guys all look fantastic! I love your top so much!! All the heat eyed emojis. 🙂

  • Amy Harris

    seriously, cutest family ever! i love how you are so good at thrifting and putting perfect outfits together. your top is so gorgeous and that skirt is holiday perfection 🙂

  • Ever Emma

    I love how you incorporated everything from the photo with your darling girls! Also, ready a half hour before?! I have one child, who is two and we're still lucky if we're ready for anything 10 minutes before!

  • Unknown

    Adorable family!

  • stephanie hammer

    Your family is so adorable! And that green door doesn't look terrible haha! You look so festive and cute!!

  • Sierra's View

    You and your girls are beautfiul. I miss seeing you! Your take on the outfit is awesome!!

  • Aubrey

    i'm in so much love with this post. what a great idea to include your kids. i love all the elements of these photos and how they all work together.

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