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Three Ways to Display Your Instagram Photos

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Hi, I’m Alexa and I’m a compulsive photo taker.

Ha! But seriously, I have a bit of a problem. About every six months or so, I’ll go to download an app on my phone, only to find the “out of storage” error message blaring on the screen. My phone is literally filled to the brim with thousands and thousands of photos. True story. Usually I dump them on my hard drive and continue taking hundreds of photos a month without ever doing anything with the previous files. A few days ago, I couldn’t receive any messages due to the excessive photos taking up room on my phone, so I decided that this time around, I’d actually print out a few before I stored them away. You know, instead of letting them sit in the black hole called my hard drive. Ha!

Usually I’m a bit lazy when it comes to actually printing out photos. You know, the whole pick out the photo / wait for them to upload / and actually leave the house to pick them up excuse. Hashtag lazy. 😉 This time, I just printed out a few photos straight from my phone – no waiting for slow uploads or changing out of my yoga pants. Fist pump! So without further ado, here are three different ways that I displayed my favorite instagram photos around our home:


Framed Collage

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Using a simple collage app, I put together a few of my favorite, bright photos of the two girls. I printed it out on a 8.5×11 photo sheet,then trimmed down the sides and put it in a large frame.  I love the excess matting and the simple, bright whites! I have this one hanging in our living room and I love it!



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Ellie loves sending mail. She sees me package up prints every week, so she loves when she can add something to our mail pile, too! We printed out a few fun photos of Miss E on photo paper, then glued the same size cardstock to the back. She got to color a special message and send them out. A super easy, entertaining craft AND makes grandma’s happy 🙂


Photo Banner

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I’m a fan of any type of banner, but I think photo banners have the biggest place in my heart. Our guest room walls were looking a little lonely (read: completely blank!) so I printed out a few of my favorite instagram photos on 5×7 photo paper, trimmed them down to 5×5 and hung them on twine with mini clothespins. Ellie loves looking at each and every photo and I love the color they add to the walls!


Display Instagram Photos (1) copyprinter


I printed all my photos straight from my phone using the HP Envy 4512 All-in-One Printer/Copier/Scanner and HP photo paper. This printer makes is SO easy to print straight from my phone, no hassle! I found my printer at Walmart and its seriously perfect for printing out last minute Christmas cards, printables, and photos galore!

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I’m hoping that now that I’ve updated my walls with photos, I’ll continue to switch them out, instead of having them collecting dust deep in my hard drive. Ha! New Years Resolution maybe? 😉 How do you print & display all your phone photos?

Alexa Zurcher




  • Ashley Ziegler

    I just keep mine in boxes now. I have printed so many from the past that now I just keep them in a box. We can't hang anything on the walls where we live right now so it makes me a little sad but I try to keep picture frames and other photos hung up or set up where I can!

  • Alexa Zurcher

    that's genius! my grandma used to have a box of photos in her home and that was my favorite! i loved looking through it! i will have to do that too! xoxo

  • Unknown

    I love the framed collage idea! I think I have the same printer as well, it's simply lovely. I love finding new creative ways to hang pictures and decorate x Thanks!

  • Simply Alexandra // My Favorite Things

    I love these ideas. I feel like for a lot of people digital photos get lost in the phone or computer and then forgotten. I love these easy ways to keep them around and seen! I sent you an email, no rush to respond, but I did want to make sure it made it to you! 🙂 XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  • sarahbaumbach

    Oh I have the phone storage problem too!!! Which hard drive do you use?!

  • Unknown

    I'm kinda crazy about printing photos. Like, what if my phone breaks? Or our computer crashes? I have to have hard copies of everything. Although I guess you could say What if the house burned down? (although the likelihood of that vs an iphone breaking… ) I love all these ideas, you are so clever!

  • Huppie Mama

    Wow, I love all three of your projects! You have a beautiful family, and it's great that you were able to print them so easily and display them so nicely. #client

  • Unknown

    Use tape to display your pictures on the wall. There is specific double sided tape for
    That reason. Go to a craft store.

  • Claire

    Ooh I just got the HP Envy 4500…haven't even used it yet. The reason I got it was because it works with HP Instant Ink…have you heard of it?? It's a monthly ink subscription that costs way less than buying all new ink every time you run out and basically you never run out because your printer tells the system that it is time to send new ink when it gets low!

  • Marisa

    Love these ideas!! SO fun! Silly question…can I ask what font you used for the word "Instagram" in the top pic? Thanks a TON!

  • Alexa Zurcher

    Thank you! It's my own handwriting 🙂 xoxo

  • Alexa Zurcher

    Thank you! It's my own handwriting 🙂 xoxo

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