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Happy Friday!

“Mom, pwease take my pichure wif Addie.”

Happy Friday, my friends! Man alive, I love Fridays. We have fun birthday plans scheduled for this weekend, which consist mainly of eating copious amounts of cake. Ha! 

As you can see, Addie has now graduated to the high chair, and Ellie is over the moon about it! Addie was pretty happy about it, too, she couldn’t stop giggling during dinnertime. We haven’t tried any rice cereal or anything yet, but in the next month or so, I’m sure we’ll test it out. Once upon a time, I told Brian I wouldn’t dress our girls matching….hahahaha. Yeah, they match all the time. These shirts (Carters) and glitter bows (Sticky Bliss) are Ellie’s favorite. And for a girl that hates wearing clothes (hence the no pants) that’s saying a lot! 🙂


Enjoy your weekend! XO

Alexa Zurcher




  • stephanie hammer

    Ooh she is so chunk! (addie, obviously) but they are adorable. And I totally dress Beckham to match me sometimes. Do you get frustrated with how the tray doesn't come off the IKEA high chair? I mean it's easy to clean, but sometimes I wish it came off so I could throw the whole thing in the sink haha!

  • Ashley Ziegler

    I love Addie's face in that first picture! How cute!

  • Summer

    Your babies are so cute ♥♥

  • Maren Kam

    What cute girls! Did you make the seat cover on the high chair? It's adorable!

  • Claire

    Addie's got the cutest chub on her!! Happy Birthday!

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