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Thrifting Tips and Tricks

Thrifting Tips and Tricks
I LOVE THRIFTING! I think I’ve mentioned it here on the blog before, but about 80% of my clothes come from second hand stores. I absolutely love to shop but have a hard time paying full price for anything. It’s so hard for me to fork over $30 for a shirt when I know I could buy something similar for $3! My mom taught me the art of finding quality, adorable clothes at thrift stores and today I’m passing along a few of our secrets. Here’s 5 tips to remember when shopping for clothing at thrift stores.
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Look for brand names
I always feel like I’m getting a bargain when I can find my favorite brand name clothing and only pay a dollar or two! While I don’t typically shop at stores like J Crew, my closet has several J Crew pieces that I have found at various thrift stores. When searching through the racks, take a few seconds to not only look at the item, but also the tag! Note: Not everything I purchase is brand name, I’ve had a lot of luck with unique brands as well!

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Check every rack, regardless of size
I’ve found in my local thrift stores that often times the sizes and items get all mixed up. If I only look in my size section, I’ve learned I’m limited at what I find. Not to mention, I’ve found that while the shirt says “medium” on the tag, it’s actually shrunk in the wash so much it fits more like an extra extra small. Take the time to look at all the different size sections and racks. You’ll have much better luck if you do!
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Thoroughly inspect each itemThere’s nothing worse than coming home with an item that has a tear or hole that you overlooked. And oftentimes thrift stores have a no return policy. Avoid the disappointment and thoroughly inspect each item before purchasing. This also includes looking at the tag! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come home with “dry clean only” items on accident. (Time for dry cleaning? Yeah, right!)
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See the potential  I don’t always find the perfect item right off the bat. If you have access to a sewing machine, you can transform your thrift store finds into something amazing! I’m not a professional seamstress by any means, but I have figured out a few simple tricks to alter thrift store finds to fit me better. (Remember when I transformed this dress? Or made beanies from a sweater?)
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If you don’t love it, don’t buy it
This is my mom’s rule and she reminds me every time we go thrifting together. Just because it’s a great deal, doesn’t mean that you should buy it! Only purchase items that you love and know you’ll get good use out of. Also, keep in mind what you have in your closet already. Don’t purchase another v-neck gray tee when you already have five sitting in your closet. Make sure you love it and don’t already have it!
Are you a big thrift store shopper, too? What tips would you add to this list?
Alexa Zurcher




  • Morgan Gibson

    Great tips! I love shopping but I am always searching for a great deal to make my money stretch. What are some thrift stores you shop at?

  • Anonymous

    LOVE thrifting, for myself, my girls, my home! Seriously, you can find such great deals.

  • Simply Alexandra // My Favorite Things

    I love to shop at thrift stores! It's one of my favorite things to go out and do. haha It's also amazing for getting holiday stuff. Christmas CDs are abundant, decorations etc., Halloween costumes are easily crafted with thrift store clothing as well! Which I posted on recently. It's one of my favorite things to do! 🙂 the last one on your list is very difficult for me, but I am trying to be better at it! 🙂 Great tips! XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  • The Girl who Loved to Write

    Thirfting is my favorite! So much fun!

  • Unknown

    I'm really getting my toes in the water with thrifting, it's brand new to me, but I really like it. My biggest tip is thrifting online–have you tried thredUP? I love it!

  • Kylie Pond

    I'm not quite in love with thrifting, but it does have potential! I also have had luck with ThredUp and Facebook consignment pages. These are good tips!

  • Amy

    Papa Sharkey would be so proud of us! We're super great thrifters, especially when we all shove into one dressing room 😉 Oh the memories!!

  • P

    I totally remember walking around every St George thrift store and shouting "it has POTENTIAL!" to everything we saw, i'm still a thrift store shopper to this day!!!

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