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My camera card is currently holding over 2000 photos. I know, INSANE! #obsessivephotohoarder ha! I’m currently in the process of transferring them to my hard drive, but I thought I would share a few random ones here. You know, a little photo dump 🙂 I can’t believe how fast both Addie and Ellie are growing. Seriously, let’s just pause time for a minute or two, please! But since I can’t, a bazillion photos will just have to do 😉


^^ Ellie got some festive Halloween hand-me-downs and I told her she has a month to wear them, so this is what her outfits look like every. single. day. Ha! ^^


^^ Sneak peek of the painting my sister made for our master bedroom. It looks so good above our bed! ^^


^^ Cuddled up in the guest bed while I cleaned up ^^


^^ Cleaned out the garage and found a million photos and journals from our dating days! ha! Also, have you checked out my friend Bonnie’s new shop? Seriously, the cutest jewelry around! ^^


^^ Classic camera/mirror shot. Oh those squishy baby cheeks! ^^


^^ General Conference printables on our fridge. ^^


^^ Spent a morning at the aquarium with some good neighbor friends. We were there for a few hours, the kids were in heaven! ^^


^^ Time for a thrift store or Ikea run, I need a frame for THIS print. Also, this gold foil temple print is one of my favs on our shelf. ^^


^^ Babies at the aquarium. These little ones are all just a few weeks apart! ^^


^^ Still wearing my favorite sandals and its October. OCTOBER! I’m totally jinxing it right now, huh? ^^


^^ Miss E loves playing with dolls and this cute princess doll is no exception. Love her imagination! Also, this entire post was typed one handed. Hooray for holding sleeping babies! 😉 XO ^^

Alexa Zurcher




  • Laura

    Loved this!

  • P

    haha love the one handed skills! i love all the photos of life!

  • Amy

    Laughed out loud at the typing one handed. Such is the life of a mama! You're a great one!!

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