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Friday Favs

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Brian’s parents are in town from NY, so we’ve been spending lots of time with cousins and family. We took Ellie and the gang to see Inside Out and oh boy, I wish I could have recorded her facial expressions. Seriously, the best! She’s a movie watcher like her daddy. I can’t always sit still for movies, but those two man, they love it! 

I’ve been living in this dress as of late (pictured above!) It’s perfect for fall and that sleeve and front detail? Swoon! (And did I mention it’s nursing friendly? Hallelujah!) My friend Jana just opened up her shop, Bouvardian, TODAY! You can take 15% off your order with code LAUNCHDAY.

Yesterday, I turned around after nursing Addie to find Ellie completely undressed, covered in marker with “Daniel Tiger stripes!” all over her belly and face. Ha! So I’ve been absolutely loving those little coloring books with the “magic” marker that only works on the book. You know the ones I’m talking about? Oh they’re genius. And they don’t turn my child into a colorful tiger and require yet another bath. 😉 Ha! Speaking of baths, I’ve had cold showers all week long due to our silly water heater! So I’ve been particularly loving my favorite leggings to keep me warm post shower. And a hat, I’ve got a thing for hats. (Similar one here!)

This song has been on repeat, along with this one. Ellie and I have been having some pretty epic dance parties in our kitchen. We switched around our table to give us more dancing room! I also switched up Ellie’s room a bit. Rearranged some picture frames and hung up all her clothes (minus her pants) in the closet. The last two weeks she’s changed her outfit 15 times a day (not an exaggeration, seriously!) There were so many clothes on the floor and I was tired of fighting the “you need to have clothes on to go to preschool” battle since she would change her mind two minutes before school started. (Brian said she gets it from me, haha) So I hung them all up in the closet instead of in her dresser and in the morning I set out two choices. So. Much. Easier.

I recently listened to this again (so good!), been rereading my favorite book, and desperately trying to find a day to bake this. It makes my kitchen smell so good! Whew, this post is getting long winded and random! If you made it this far, give your self a pat on the back and treat yourself to a cookie. Signing off now, happy weekend my friends! xo

Alexa Zurcher




  • Anonymous

    You look stunning! and SO happy 🙂 and Daniel tiger strips haha, sounds so much like Rae.

  • The Girl who Loved to Write

    That second picture is so sweet!

  • Corina

    We just bought and installed these: They are perfect for keeping Reagan out of her dresser. I HATED her putting all of her clothes out and putting them all over the floor and always changing her clothes and not knowing what was clean and what was dirty…etc. These were a game changer.

  • Claire

    You are seriously rocking that dress! And you are the cutest hat person! I can't pull them off. And thank you for sharing Uchtdorf's message again, I hadn't heard the beginning of it when listening to the original talk and am so glad I read this again!

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