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baby wearing & summer nights

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A few weeks ago (way back when Addie was still fitting into newborn clothes – oh how time flies!) we took off on a little family home evening adventure. Whenever we need to tire out Ellie before bedtime, we head to Thanksgiving Point to run around. And seriously, could there be a more beautiful place for a peaceful evening stroll…I mean, to chase a wild toddler around? 🙂 All that GREEN gets me every time! Ellie loved wandering from section to section, I stopped to take a million pictures of the flowers, and Brian made all of our day when he came out carrying three ice cream cones. Talk about the perfect summer evening!

When I was pregnant, I looked at lots and lots of baby wraps. I didn’t start baby wearing Ellie until she was a few months old and this time I wanted to start from day one. I knew I’d need to have my hands free with little E. 😉 My Modern Wrap has proven to be oh so WONDERFUL! For one thing, it’s striped (and you all know how deep my love runs for stripes!) plus, it has the perfect amount of stretch, and doesn’t come loose when I carry Addie. The swaddle blanket and nursing cover? Ahh-mazing. And because I’m always looking for good deals, here’s one for you! Take 15% off your order at Modern Wrap with code ALEXA15. High fives for baby wearing and summer nights!

Alexa Zurcher




  • Unknown

    Do you use the green one you made with Ellie? I was impressed with that one, but curious if it was secure enough.

  • Alexa Zurcher

    Yes! I still use that one and it's totally secure! The fabric I used was a little stretchy for my taste, so I do like this one with slightly less stretch. 🙂

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