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How We Wore It & A Picnic

Somewhere between Ellie’s fifth tutu change of the day and yet another Daniel Tiger episode, I texted Brian. “Meet us at the temple for a picnic!” After a weekend of colds and sniffles, we were all dying to get out of the house. Brian picked up a pizza, Ellie and I packed up the rest, and we met up for a picnic dinner for family home evening. We had a marvelous view of the temple and explored the park across the street. You know when it’s been an Ellie approved adventure when it requires a bath afterwards! Puddle jumping, running barefoot, and playing in the dirt all seem to be adventure requirements for this girl. 🙂 I’m a lover of photographs, but I’ve been trying to capture a few more video clips of our little family in this stage of life. One of my goals this year was to try to improve my videography skills…and I have yet to work towards that goal at all! Oops. So here’s to seeing a few more videos on the blog!
My outfit for our picnic was inspired by this one Gal Meets Glam. I love participating in these “How We Wore It” collabs because it forces me to wear outfits that I never would have thought of before! I loved the black hat and loose braid with the light, flowy top. A hat with a braid? Perfect solution for those days when diaper changes and playing Little People take precedence over showers. 🙂
This black hat from Jacob’s Scarves is one of my absolute favorites. It’s big and floppy, blocks the sun and covers my crazy hair. My top is from Banana Republic – found at a local thrift store for about $5. It’s light and loose, and not at all nursing friendly. 🙂 I was desperately wanting to add some sunglasses to complete the look, but my favorite pair bit the dust a long time ago. Any recommendations for cute, cheap sunglasses?
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  • Kallie Cooper

    I love that video, you are so very much talented m'dear. Love your outfit as well! You have like perfect hair!! 😊

  • Aubrey

    You're adorable. I have all kinds of I didn't have time to wash my hair solutions although it gets tricky with bangs. I refuse to pay a lot for sunglasses. Sometimes I find them in the Target dollar spot or in the mall kiosks if I want something a little less cheap-like $15.

  • Unknown

    You are so, so darling! Love the top. And what a cute video!

  • Brooke @ Silver Lining

    Oh my goodness that video is so darling!! It's been one of my goals to expand to videos as well, and so far I haven't done a single video. Working on that this weekend though! That top is gorgeous. Teach me your thrifting ways! I always just get my sunglasses from Target. They're cute and cheap, which is a good thing because I lose mine about once every two months 😉

  • Amy

    Love the video, so fun to be a part of your everyday adventures! 🙂 And you look stunningly gorgeous!! xoxoxoxo

  • Unknown

    Love that you do videos–and picnics spontaneously! I love the braid and that top is so feminine and perfect on you!

  • Chelannigans

    Such a cute video!! Your family is lovely!

  • Claire

    I usually hate how I look with a hat on but a braid with it looks like such a great idea! I got my favorite sunglasses at Gap last year…around this time probably! They were like $5 with a big sale they were doing (there's a Gap factory outlet right by me but the reg store might've had them for cheap too)

  • Unknown

    I love that top! & I love that you found it thrifting. Some of my best finds have come from the DI 🙂

  • Rachel Sayumi Porter

    awhhh I LOVE picnics, it's something I don't do enough of… so cute

  • Jessica

    I'm in love with your hat!!! Can I have it please? Also, picnics are the best. What a great idea! Especially with summer coming to a close… maybe I need to get my husband and baby out for one too before it gets too cold!

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