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Addie’s Birth Story Part 2–Love at First Sight


We snuggled with Miss Addie for a little while before it was time for her bath! Big sister Ellie and my family were going to be arriving soon. My epidural had worn off and I had already walked around my room a bit, so when the nurse invited me to come along as well, I jumped at the chance! I had only seen photos of Ellie’s bath and was so excited to be there with Brian to expierence it firsthand this time around.

Addison Birth Story (193)

Gotta love those open backed hospital gowns, ha!

Addison Birth Story (199)Addison Birth Story (201)

This was probably the loudest I’ve ever heard Addie cry. Ever. She was not happy about getting unswaddled and washed. Poor girl.

Addison Birth Story (203)Addison Birth Story (223)

However, once she was out of the sink and wrapped up she immediately settled down. And when it came to washing her hair, she looked like she was in heaven. (Just like her mama, that’s my favorite part about going to get my hair done! Must run in the genes 😉

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After she was placed in the warming bed to get dressed, we got to ooh and ahh over her tiny, perfect body and pick out a bow. And man, they really stick those bows on there good! Just as the nurse was finishing up, we saw a bouquet of pink balloons appear through the window. Big sister had arrived!

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These next two photos are my favorite! Bless you Janae for capturing this moment. I love mine and Ellie’s faces looking at each other through the glass.

Addison Birth Story (269)Addison Birth Story (271)

Addison was placed in her tiny bassint and wheeled her out to meet Addie. Insert all the heart eye emojis here. Ellie immediately exclaimed “Look! Daddy brought me a baby!” We all got a good laugh and Brian got teased for getting all the credit. 😉

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The weeks previous I had been trying to prep myself for Ellie and Addie’s first encounter. I wasn’t quite sure how Ellie would react, but her excitement exceeded all my expectations. She was smitten, just like the rest of us! Ellie helped us carefully push Baby Addie down the hallway to our room. When I asked if she wanted to hold her baby sister, she happily nodded. I think my heart just about burst!

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to be continued…

Alexa Zurcher




  • Simply Alexandra // My Favorite Things

    Her face is so sweet. How excited she is! My husband's cousin just had their third baby. They had two girls already, and the oldest did not want a brother. We were all kind of hoping that the baby would be a boy, they didn't find out the sex this time. It was a boy, and seeing the pictures from the past week have been so fun. 🙂 XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  • Maren Kam

    Love these posts! Seeing the pictures of Ellie with her sister just made me emotional! Ha! So sweet!

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