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Since the arrival of her baby sister, Ellie has adjusted pretty well, so long as she gets one on one time with mom. She’s more than willing to grab me wipes, throw away diapers, and pretty much help with whatever I need, so long as we’ve enjoyed some quality time together. Usually after Addie has been fed and changed, I’ll lay her down for a little bit so Ellie and I can play or craft together. Lately, we’ve been spending time working on some adorable projects form Happy Heart Kid. We’re a big fan of their products because not only does it keep Ellie’s hands busy, but also allows me to teach her while we play.

happy heart kid (15)happy heart kid (4)

We’ve currently been working on the Empathy Kit activities and they’ve been a huge hit! On this particular morning while Addie was sleeping, we worked together on thank you cards. Ellie sang the Daniel Tiger thank you song pretty much the whole time. 😉 We thought of a few people that we needed to thank and she got right to work on the cards. She loved making her own stamp with the foam stickers.

happy heart kid (9)happy heart kid (11)happy heart kid (12)happy heart kid (10)

We can’t wait to complete the rest of the learning activities. We previously completed the super cute Generosity box (and made felt ball necklaces to share!) You can find more Happy Heart Kid products here or check them out on Instagram, too!

happy heart kid (16)

We’re off on our first big adventure this weekend with our little family of four. Let’s pray Addie likes her car seat 😉 Happy weekend!

Alexa Zurcher




  • Amy

    Those kits look adorable!! It's amazing what some one on one time does. She's quite the artist 😉 Can't wait to see you – hoping Addie likes her car seat, too!

  • Marli

    what a FUN idea! love little tools like these that are available to teach kids what is important in life. 🙂

    hope y'all have a fun weekend!

  • Hello Sarah Eggett

    where did you get that cute mat?

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