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5 Tips for Taking Photos in the Hospital

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So you just had a baby – congrats! If you’re anything like me, the time spent at the hospital seems to fly by way too fast. One minute you’re popping out a child (high five mama!) and the next second you’re buckling her in the car seat to head home. Despite how quick the stay seemed, I’ve really enjoyed the time spent the hospital (and the food wasn’t even that bad). Those first few days of snuggling my tiny newborn are ones I never want to forget! Hence, I have just about every single detail photographed. 😉 Here are five simple tips for taking photos of your newborn during your hospital stay.
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Details, details, details!
Pay attention to all the little details in your room – the hospital equipment, baby bassinet, clock, contraction monitor, etc. And don’t forget to capture those tiny, wrinkly newborn toes, fuzzy hair, and hospital bands. These tiny details make for great shots and are definitely worth remembering.

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New Perspective
Shoot from above, eye level, and below for a variety of pictures. At one point during this last hospital stay, I found myself standing on various chairs throughout our room to get that perfect shot above my baby. (Probably not the smartest idea after giving birth – so pass that shot onto Dad to take!) Always make sure that camera is strapped to your neck to keep that baby safe! As you are trying out new perspectives and angles, try to avoid photographing the clutter in your room (you know, the nursing snacks piling up or suitcase in the corner).

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Get the Right Light
Hospital rooms don’t always have the best light, so open those blinds! Get as close to the window as possible for the best light for your photos. You want to be as close to the natural light as possible, without being in direct sunlight.( The direct sunlight will cause lots of shadows!) Also, try to avoid using your flash. It creates harsh shadows while natural light creates a much softer feel. If natural light isn’t available (like during the evening hours), try shooting in manual and using a low aperture (the lowest your lens will allow!) and high ISO. This will let in extra light and the lower aperture will provide that gorgeous blurred background. (For instance, during the evening hours, my camera was set at a f/2.8 aperture and about 1600 ISO, with the shutter speed adjusted accordingly per shot.)
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Get in the photo, too!
It’s probably the last thing you want to do right after giving birth, but it’s important for you (and dad!) to get in the photos, too! I treasure the photos that I have with my babies just hours old. Hand your camera over to your visitors or nurses to grab a few family shots too.

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Snap Away
You’ll never regret taking too many photos, so snap away! Newborns are so sleepy those first few days, so take advantage of that! Wrap them up in your favorite swaddle blankets and have a mini photo shoot in your hospital room. Also, don’t forget to snap a few of your hospital visitors, doctor, and favorite nurses. Remember to ensure that your memory card is cleared off and ready to go before you get to the hospital so you are prepared for all those adorable pictures of your newborn. And after you’re done capturing all those precious moments, don’t forget to make time to snuggle that little one, too!


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    Thank you for posting this! I'm due in just 5 weeks and also having my second girl 🙂 I love all of your photos! Also, where did you get that adorable pink flower headband?

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    Saving these for January!

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