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The last few weeks have FLOWN by. We haven’t been out of the house much, minus the backyard and the park. I’ve been trying to be content with taking my time to let my body heal, so instead, I’ve been snuggling my two girls and favorite guy. Absolute bliss!

Addison Second Week (33)Addison Second Week (34)Addison Second Week (38)

My mom stayed with us to help out after Addie was born and for that we will be forever grateful! She tamed two year old tantrums, cooked dinner, let me sneak in naps, cleaned the house, the list goes on and on! We were super sad to see her leave (and if you look really close in these pictures, you can see our glossy eyes!)


Ellie’s hair is as wild as ever! And post nap? It’s insane. (She’s also started to insist that during nap time she change back to her pajamas. This girl would live in her pajamas if she could!)

Addison Second Week (40)Addison Second Week (55)

One day, these two will be jumping on the bed together.


Sleepy baby smiles are the best,. So is this big polka dotted bow!


One morning after watching Brian get ready, Ellie insisted on matching her daddy! She was so excited to wear her orange gingham shirt and shorts. So happy, she even let me snap a few photos of them together, then proceeded to beg Brian to allow her to go to work with him. One day, Ellie girl, one day.


Kisses for my tiny sleeping babe. Also, I’ve been living in these pants, they’ve been my absolute favorite! (Similar here)

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  • Caravan Sonnet

    aww these are precious!! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Your family is so beautiful!

  • The Girl who Loved to Write

    That matching picture is so precious!

  • Unknown

    You look so lovely mama! And what precious photos of your family!!

  • marci @ the wallace house

    darling darling darling!


    your girls are so cute! you are perfect mom! 🙂

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