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Splish Splash

Addison’s first bath turned into a whole family event! Ellie had been dying to give her a real bath since we brought her home, but since Addie’s umbilical cord hadn’t fallen off yet, we settled for a sponge bath instead. It wasn’t until a minute before we begun that I started getting nervous. I hadn’t given a newborn a bath in almost three years! Ha. Thankfully it was like riding a bike, nothing to worry about. No more than two minutes into it, Ellie started peeling off her panties in attempts to join in the sink bath fun! She was super patient as Addie was bathed and got her own sink bath after. I look at these photos and still can’t believe that we are a family of FOUR!

addison first week (166)addison first week (162)addison first week (164)addison first week (169)addison first week (170)addison first week (172)addison first week (177)addison first week (173)addison first week (175)

Alexa Zurcher




  • Anonymous

    This is too sweet!

  • Jessica

    These are the sweetest photos!

  • Marli

    oh my goodness! i DIIIIIE. this is the most precious thing!

  • larajanepark

    I love it! Great family photos!!

  • Alicia Snow

    Such sweet photos.

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